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Natural Disasters – A Sex and Relationship Column

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” Roses are red, your balls are blue. You didn’t give me what I wanted, so fuck you.”

How many times do we think that once we get married,  we are going to have more sex? While growing up, we were constantly warned not to have sex; we should resist our urges. I grew up in an Italian and Catholic household where “God was watching.” It was one way to make sure no boys (and later men) would show up to the house. Fast forward many years later, married with children, you find sex is becoming a rare occasion. Any excuse for a night of wild sex, we take seriously. But from time to time, we face many setbacks, as many other relationships do. 


I’ve been guilty of this on so many occasions, whether it’s food for dinner or not getting the perfect gift. Our greatest way to make our guys suffer is the dreaded blue balls. Nothing worse than having a serious case of the blues after what was supposed to be the happy ending. Now both go to bed pissed off and hormonal because Oxytocin hasn’t been released.

The Make Up Sex

Unless one or both of you completely fuck up and I mean royally, I think make up sex is a great way to solve a little problem. Making love or fucking is to both give you a rush and relieve the stress. Sometimes we overdue it with foreplay and rubbing of the clit. For the love of all things holy, rub it gently; it isn’t a fucking doorbell!

Avoid Injury

Have you ever watched a movie when the dude rips off the chicks clothing and they both have orgasmic sex? I can count how many times I wanted that. Believe it when I say I love a good cock tease when my  thong is still on and he slides it aside and hammers me. After a while, though, I want that thong ripped off. I learned my lesson when I said once “rip it off me.” It is nothing like the movies and getting an atomic wedgie with a thong hurts like fucking hell! I learned to fucking put little slits into the clothing and seams so it would rip easier. 

The Fantasy Turned Nightmare

I’m all for fulfilling the fantasy and role play. My big thing is the name game. If your fantasy guy is Bruce WIllis or fantasy girl is Demi Moore, or the amazing tongue dance Shakira performed at this past Super Bowl. Those are great examples of fantasy you can play with. Fantasy is about making your wildest fantasy come true. There’s so many great scenarios you can fantasize about.

My favorite is the pizza boy and paying customer with pussy. The Hands-on boss with secretary. And, of course, the doctor giving the nurse some medicine. Give it a go; try it out.

It becomes a nightmare if  you are mentioning the name of your wife’s best friend, your husband’s boss or the mailman; this can lead to injury.

I believe in making time for some sex is important in your relationship. You don’t need a special occassion for a night of passion and hot sex and wanting to put limits on sex between you and your partner can bite you in the ass. Think outside the box.

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