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Improve Your Fitness and Stamina By Using a Gym Mirror

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Running on a treadmill is a great way to stay healthy – especially in the winter months when you don’t have a chance to walk and run in the park. This is why it is advisable for everyone to put some miles on their treadmill as often as they possibly can.  But exercise is not just about physical fitness – it also gives you a chance for self-reflection and this is probably why most gyms cover most of their walls with gym mirrors. In fact, there is a good reason for using mirrors in gyms, especially while running on the treadmill. Watching yourself in the mirror will help you to achieve a more effective workout session. Research shows that running on a treadmill, as you watch your reflection in the mirror, helps to coordinate your limbs which allows you to run smoothly.

How does a gym mirror help for fitness and building stamina?

Working out in front of a mirror is a great way of creating motivation to do more and keep it up. Working out in front of a mirror is almost like having the best spot in the gym as you follow the prompts of your instructor. Your reflection in the mirror creates a “dynamic selfie” which will take the power of reflection to a whole new level. Additionally, working out in front of a mirror helps your mind to be at peace. Additionally, researchers found that people who are just starting out on a treadmill run better by observing their reflection in a mirror than people who are doing so without a mirror. This is because the reflection helps them to concentrate on their movements which helps to improve their coordination and overall performance on the treadmill. Monitoring your movements in a workout mirror will also help to prevent over-extending or over-stretching that could, otherwise, potentially lead to muscle damage.

It is customary for people to listen to music or their favorite podcasts as they burn those calories on the treadmill. This is an excellent use of time because it is literally killing two birds with one stone. However, the downside is that one could easily get distracted by what he is listening to and this might interfere with their coordination, rhythm, and especially the posture. When there is a mirror on the wall, the person can keep focused on his reflection and that will help him in maintaining the right posture. Maintaining the right posture during the workout sessions will help to prevent unnecessary incidents or injuries.

Treadmill with Gym Mirror vs Treadmill without Gym Mirror

Running on the treadmill is obviously better than not exercising at all, whether you have a mirror or not. However, adding a mirror will make the experience even more beneficial. When running on a treadmill in a room that has no mirror, you subconsciously pay a lot of attention to your performance. Although, paying attention to your body is good, there are some demerits associated with this habit. For starters, when you are too conscious of how you will be breathing, it might affect your mind and that could trick your body into tiredness too early. But if you are working out in front of a mirror, you will most likely be consumed by your reflection that small inconsequential changes in breathing will not alarm you. Self-awareness during a workout session will help you to complete all your workout procedures which means you will have a more comprehensive workout session.

It is also no secret that working out in a roomy, clean and well glamorous environment increases your performance. That is why people love running in the park whenever they can. Even though the internal environment of your house cannot compare to being out in nature, adding a mirror to the room will make your room livelier, more lit and more aesthetically appealing. This will, in turn, boost your spirits which will help you to have a more fulfilling workout session. Some trainers advise their students to say words of affirmation that will help them to remain positive while they workout whenever they just don’t feel like getting on the treadmill. If you have a mirror, this practice will be more effective because you will at least be talking to someone you are looking at, i.e. yourself.

Where to place the gym mirror for optimum results

The best location for your gym mirror will depend on a number of factors. First and foremost, if the room you will be using for a workout is an actual gym, you can have mirrors on almost every wall. However, if the room is more of a general activity room where your family does other things, you may want to place a mirror on one wall only. The shape of the room will also determine where the mirror should be. Generally speaking, the mirror should be placed on one of the longer walls (assuming the room is rectangular). This will not only allow flexibility in terms of where to place the treadmill but also leave enough room for other members of the family to work out in front of the mirror as well.

When it comes to gym mirrors, Fab Glass and Mirror has got your back. We have mirrors of all shapes and sizes so whatever your gym looks like, you will find one that will fit just right. We can also customize one for you if you need a mirror for a wall that might not be traditionally shaped.

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