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Hair Regrowth Devices That Turn Hair Loss Into Hair Growth

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Each day, many people experience hair loss for different reasons. These ranges from age, hormonal changes, stress to medical conditions and effects of treatment. But all is not lost because there are several ways that you can regrow your hair. The use of laser hair regrowth devices is one such way. These are devices that use low-level light therapy to regrow hair. They are developed based on existing scientific evidence that shows wavelengths between the range of 630 and 670 nanometers stimulates hair growth.


Laser therapy hair regrowth devices typically come in two variations. These are laser therapy helmets and laser therapy caps. A good example of a laser therapy helmet device is the Laser Helmet and Illumiflow’s Laser Cap is a great example of a laser therapy cap.


Here’s how the features of these two laser hair regrowth devices compare:


Laser Diodes

Laser diodes play a major role in hair regrowth by emitting light energy within a specific wavelength that effectively promotes hair regrowth. The laser diodes are the most important part of a hair regrowth device. To a large extent, it is the number and grade of laser diodes that determine how effective a device is in regrowing hair, with a good option being Cosmetic Aesthetic Lasers.


In laser hair regrowth devices, laser diodes are often arranged neatly on the inner part of the device. The Illumiflow laser cap device comes with more laser diodes compared to its counterpart, the iRestore laser helmet. The former has up to 272 laser diodes while the latter only has up to 82 laser diodes. Realistically, laser hair regrowth devices that have more diodes are more effective at regrowing hair than those with a lesser amount.



When buying any device, durability is one of the most important aspects that one needs to consider. Taking a closer look at the Illumiflow laser cap and the iRestore laser helmet, it can be suggested that the hair regrowth devices offered by Illumiflow are more durable than iRestore. This is because Illumiflow is fitted with a soft cap that provides added protection to the laser cap being worn. As such, the likelihood of this device getting damaged is greatly diminished. On the other hand, iRestore is fitted with various plastic parts that can easily be broken. This increases the risk of the device being damaged.


Portability has to do with the likelihood of moving a hair regrowth device from one place to another. Considering that regrowing hair is never an instant affair, most people prefer devices that they can move around with. A comparison of Illumiflow’s laser cap and iRestore’s laser helmet shows that Illumiflow is a portable device while iRestore is not portable. Illumiflow uses battery power – which makes it convenient to move around with. On the other hand, iRestore has to be plugged into a power outlet – which makes it unlikely that you will be able to move around freely with the helmet being worn. The weight of these devices is another differentiator. Illumiflow offers a lighter device as compared to iRestore.



Illumiflow comes in a small compact design that is similar to a baseball cap. iRestore comes in the shape of a helmet. In a significant way, the design of each of these hair regrowth devices takes into effect the use of their portability. Due to its compact design, Illumiflow easily fits into a backpack or luggage while iRestore’s bulky shell makes it difficult to stow away and pack to go.



The two hair growth devices come at different prices. The Illumiflow 272 laser cap is priced at $799 while the iRestore laser helmet is priced at $1,195. Considering the number of laser diodes in each device, it is clear that Illumiflow offers the best value for its money.


Wrap Up

Laser therapy hair regrowth devices help in the restoration of thinning or lost hair. These devices use low level laser therapy to stimulate hair growth. The two main types of low level laser therapy devices on the market are laser caps and laser helmets. Illumiflow is a laser cap device while iRestore is a laser helmet device. When considering a hair regrowth device, you will want to ensure that it offers you the best value in terms of features and pricing. These devices work and can help with hair loss. Know what you are spending your money on and get on your way to regrowing your hair.



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