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Rich Piana & 5% Investigation / Interviews – Now What?

We are three parts into our exclusive interview with Mavrick Von Haug regarding “The Untold Story of 5 Percent and Rich Piana,” and it has spiderwebbed into other areas – the most propelling being the investigation that has resurfaced two-plus years after Piana’s untimely death.

Von Haug was contacted by an investigator from the State Attorney’s Office in Clearwater, Florida and reading between the lines, it appears that at least one area that the authorities are looking into is potential forgery.

MuscleSport Media has contacted the aforementioned investigator and will update the readers when there is anything new to report in regards.

Another topic that Von Haug has spoken about is the direction that 5% Nutrition has taken and what he feels they are not focusing on. Be on the lookout for more videos and articles covering all of this.


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