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Piana Investigation – Financial, Not Foul Play

Facebook - Jane Piana/Rich Piana

The resurfacing of the Rich Piana investigation is centered on his assets, potential forgery and money rather than any ‘whodunnit’ type of case, according to a source close to MuscleSport Media. While the masses continue to ask the questions about his cause of death, what really is taking place behind the scenes comes down to the almighty dollar.

During our three-part exclusive interview with Mavrick Von Haug, the subject of him being contacted by an investigator in the Florida State Attorney’s Office came up and judging by the questions that he was being asked, our opinion was that the authorities were not looking into Piana’s death, but rather what he left behind.

“The signatures on some of the paperwork appeared to be forged,” our source – who requested to remain anonymous – said. “They were sent out to be verified by one of the top experts (in that field) to ascertain if they were in fact forged or not.”

The source added that it appears that there is a dispute going on between Piana’s mother and his first ex-wife and business partner Jane. “All the documents gave Jane everything,” the source continued,”and they may have been forged after (Piana’s) death, as well.”

During our interview with Von Haug, he had stated that Piana did sign the entire business over to Jane Piana prior to marrying Sara Heimisdóttir in 2015. This lines up with what the investigator was inquiring about, including anything with Piana’s signature on it that Von Haug may be in possession of.

There is more to learn here, obviously, but this does seem to corroborate our source’s information. We will update the readers upon learning any further information in regards.


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