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My Misadventure as a One-Hit Wonder Puck Bunny

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Disclaimer: The identity of the player is protected and some details have been altered.


Hockey Night On the Town

For anyone who follows me on social media, you know by now that I love all sports. My favorite by far is hockey. Growing up in Toronto, Ontario, you either love the home team or any team that isn’t the fucking home team. Not only do you get a deep appreciation of the good old hockey game, you can also enjoy the diversity that comes along with it. One thing was for sure – to go watch games with girlfriends. I was 19, hot, single and ready to fuck. I didn’t give a rat’s ass about mingling. I didn’t have a big responsibility other than working at a local bar full time; I made great tips. One day a girlfriend invited me to a farm team game. These are the teams that if a player gets hurt in the NHL they get called up from the minor league affiliate. I suited up in my tightest burner tee shirt, made sure the ladies looked perky and I made my way to meeting her at the rink.


Two Tickets To Paradise

With two tickets and two single girls at a hockey game, the world was at our feet. We had our identification and double fisted some Smirnoff cans and sat at the glass – RIGHT BY THE HOME TEAM’S BENCH. When the team came out, my friend turned sideways and before I realized it, the players walked passed us to the bench and they tapped her hand. I couldn’t believe it; she fucking touched most of them. Some even winked. Then I saw him. All 6`6″ (with skates), crest on his chest. I recognized his name and he was sexy. The way he gripped his stick. I wanted to grip his mini stick the same!




He practiced his slap shot and all I could think of was how much I wanted to be on my hands and knees taking his shots. My girlfriend snapped me out of it and started to talk about how he won the Stanley Cup the season before getting traded to our team. He looked over at us and my panties were instantly wet. My girlfriend grabbed me and said “YOUR TURN.” I had no idea what the fuck she meant. So she grabbed my arm and switched places. She told me to make a fist and put my arm a little out. Before I knew it, they were glove-tapping me. I looked over at my Greek God (is what we shall call him) and he was still on the ice. He came around and picked up a puck. He looked at me (with teeth still in his mouth), my heart raced and my panties were soaked. He gave me a puck, a glove tap all while holding eye contact and smiled at me. Niagara Falls were now in my fucking pants! If I could, I would have jumped his bones there.



We did this the entire game. At the end, she pulled me near the team alley where players leave after the game. They were showered, smelled clean and I was hot, heavy and bothered. Suddenly, she screamed out my Greek God’s name and he walked over. She introduced herself as I tried to not cum right there. His voice was sexy and he looked good in a suit. He introduced himself and all I could muster was a cheesy “Hi.” He made small talk and pulled out a card and wrote something. My girlfriend left to use the washroom and he handed it to me. He said “Meet me in one hour,” said his goodbyes and left. When my girlfriend returned, I hid the card in my shirt and told her I wanted to call it a night. We said goodbye and I went digging in my shirt for the card and stared at it. IT WAS A HOME ADDRESS ON THE EAST SIDE. IT WOULD TAKE ME AN HOUR TO GET THERE. 


The Search

I raced for the bus and made my way on the card. In forty five minutes, I was at a luxurious condo staring at the resident list. I scanned through the surnames but I couldn’t find his. I was pissed. Did he really pull a fast one? I wasn’t too convinced, so I scanned through the list. I looked at the card with the address and the name. The first name was his but last name wasn’t. I saw the last name in the list and buzzed. At that exact moment, I saw him though the front doors getting off the elevator. He answered his phone as the buzzer I buzzed from had his voice come through. I said “Hi,” and he looked and smiled. He buzzed me in and greeted me with a hug as we met in front of the concierge. I joked with a “Hey, haven’t seen you in a while.” He giggled. We made our way to the elevator with smiles and with his hand on the small of my back and led me to his condo.

He opened the door. It was warm, cozy and sleek. 


The Bachelor Pad of a Stanley Cup Winner

He took my coat and hung it and asked me if I wanted a drink. I asked for water. He happily obliged and told me to get comfy. I sat on the couch and he said, “I’m going to change; I need to get comfortable.” As he went into his room, I realized I could see his silhouette. He told me, “(I) might not like what I saw.” He came out in the team shorts that weren’t my home team and I laughed. I told him when winning ‘Sir Stanley,’ you can always wear the team you won with; one exception to the rule.



One-on-One Action

I remembered a trivia game that mentioned when a player wins the Stanley Cup, they get their name engraved on it. But do they get a miniature cup engraved with all the names too?” I asked him and he responded, “Do you really want to know? Do You want to see IT? Touch IT ? Maybe even kiss IT?” I answered with a “YES ! YES! YES! YES!” That would have made me a fucking Oscar winner. He took me into his bedroom and before I knew it, he pulled it out. All wrapped in black. It was happening. The miniature cup was right in fucking front of me. I touched it and kissed it. At one point, I cradled it. It felt so good. I gave it back to him and he put it away. He asked if I was hungry and we ordered spaghetti from the restaurant across the residence. He pulled me close and said, “Dinner will be here in an hour.What should in that time?” I smiled and shrugged. Before I knew it, we both moved in for the kiss. Hands everywhere. He was fucking strong as he grabbed me and tossed me playfully on the bed. He pounced on top and because I can be rough and competitive I wrapped my legs around him, pulled his arm and I thrusted to get myself on top. Hands all over each other, taking off my shirt, pants, bra and panties. I ripped off his shirt and shorts. He was hard and long. Body looked like a GOD. We made out. He played with me like he was strumming a guitar. I stroked him and he asked me to put my mouth on him and I happily obliged. We played. I was begging him to slide into me. He stopped kissing me and told me, “I rarely have sex; some get too emotional.” I told him I understood and we still played. I touched him and he touched me. It felt good and we both released. It felt so good. I took a shower first and then he did. Dinner arrived and we ate. There was a comfortable silence as we sat and ate. After dinner, we played video games and spoke about hockey. I asked him why his name on the resident list wasn’t the same on his jersey. He told me why and I fully understood. Privacy.


OverTime with An Unintentional Offside

I felt horny again and we made out again. We were doing 69 on the living room floor when he went from my clit down to my ass. I clinched and stopped. I asked him, “Um what are you doing?” He said, “Well, I don’t fuck with pussy, I only fuck ass.” I got embarrassed and I turned beet red. I said, “You refuse to play in the recreational center, but insist on playing in the management plant?” He looked so confused I started to laugh. I couldn’t take the humor so I blurted out, “That’s ass backwards.” So he responded, “No. Ass backwards is ‘SSA.'” I couldn’t contain it; we both laughed. I noticed it was 2 am and decided to leave. He drove me home and kissed me goodnight. As I walked my mini walk of shame, I realized I was a Puck Bunny. I saw him years later and we still keep in touch. He’s still a nice guy. I still grab my vibrator and think of him from time to time. I just wished if I had been a little more open minded, it could have been an even better night for both of us. If only we communicated what we both wanted and how we wanted it. We went with the flow and we had a great time with it. 

No shame in a one-night stand or taking a walk on the wild side. Leave the shame for the walk. Just walk it off.

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Age : 30somethin’

Bust :36D

Hips :38



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