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Employing Statistics Against Slots

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How do you decide if a t-shirt suits you or if a restaurant serves good food? You try it and then you decide if it is good enough for you.

Lots of people are not able to make a decision, probably because they do not follow rule number one, which is considering the importance of math.

Math is all around us, we do it any time we buy something, anytime we call a friend or we change the channel on TV. If we think about how it influences our lives, we realize how important it is.

Technology won’t exist without math. The world that we know wouldn’t be the same if it wouldn’t be “invented”, we can then say it is our past, present and future.

A branch of this discipline, more than all the others can come handy in our daily life, it is statistics. It is the section of math which tells us how to make our next move.

How many times have you heard talking about something that is statistically true or demonstrated at

Can statistics be used to increase the chances of winning? 

The answer is potentially yes. Let’s say it can potentially be used to increase our chances of hitting a win when playing slot machines.

Knowing what statistics is, will give you the power of making your next decision on mathematical calculations.

Should I keep playing or should I stop? Should I increase the bet or should I decrease it? All the answers can be incorporated into some equations.

Keeping in mind that slot machines are ruled by math, we can then use it wisely and convert our knowledge into money.

Then why can’t statistics help us increase our chance of winning? 

Although math doesn’t lie, what lies is our perception of numbers. To establish whether a slot machine is going to pay, we must first hold all the numbers involved in the equation. When we push the spin button, an entire world gets triggered.

In this simple action, several other movements act in the background.

First of all, when we play, we are among the thousands of players which simultaneously play around the world.

This means we should know the exact number of players who are playing in that very moment to compound the algorithm which would help us to win. Then, another fundamental parameter we must have is the duration each player has played for.

This, among all other parameters, is the most important one. Then assuming we have all the variables to accomplish the task of calculating the probability we have of hitting a winning combination, we won’t have the time to apply it because the variables have already changed.


The winning player is the most informed one. Do not believe in false myths or stupid superstitions, believe in mathematical calculations rather. To improve your chances of winning you should read the parameters, such as the RTP and the volatility of the slot. Statistically, math is always right.

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