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Roleplaying… In Sex

“Role playing is a great way to tap into our deepest desires and live out our wildest fantasies.”


While the art of seduction begins with the reality of us being completely open and engaging, role playing is a great way to enhance our sex life. It’s sometimes about the image of an alter ego. Someone we would only dare to be and scenarios we could hope for. I love role playing. There are so many ways to kick it up a notch, or  keep it fresh every night. There are little ways to role play. It doesn’t have to be over top or overwhelming with too much planning. Here’s some of my top roleplay scenarios and how you can achieve it.


The Office Worker/Boss Location: Home Office

For the ladies: Grab a white dress shirt that is his. Button it half way. You can wear any color set. For the Best look:  Black panties . Don’t forget heels . Call him in for a meeting. Especially if he just came in from work. If he dresses casually for  work..Have fun with it. He can be the boss back from vacation or you’re the boss and he needs to work some overtime on your body.

**Added Bonus  Sexy Librarian

The home office can double as your library. Bring in some glasses to the mix and put hair up.


The Pizza Delivery/Customer Location: (If you Dare) Front Door ***If not Bedroom /Home office Door


You should always recycle your pizza boxes. You can use it on more than one occasion.I personally love this scenario as a customer who is unable to pay for their order so they seduce the delivery person with payment as a sexual favor.. I’m so hungry. Feed me.


The Art of Roleplay


Role Playing  should give you the freedom of being almost anyone, from an escort London to a plumber or a nurse. You don’t have to cosplay it where you spend hundreds of dollars in costume to look the part… unless you are going hard as Joker and Harley Quinn.

You can buy makeup, costumes that resemble actual characters from comics book characters, film and television characters to even musicians. Little ways for the ladies can be something as simple as a wig from a local party store.

The Wig: I love that wigs can change a look drastically without murdering your  budget. If you are dead set on not dyeing your hair or altering your look, a wig is the best option. You can get wigs that look real or play with color wigs that would make a fucking unicorn jealous. Or make a stripper want to fight you.


Top Role Playing Scenarios – Top 5:


  1. Office worker/Boss 
  2. Pizza Delivery/Customer
  3. Athlete/Fan
  4. Musician /Groupie
  5. Doctor /Nurse


Have fun with the roleplay. Tease each other with it. 


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