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Toys For You, Me and Everything in Between

One of my biggest pet peeves is when a couple tells me that they don’t bring any toys into the bedroom. No, I’m not talking about your collection of Barbies or Hot Wheels you have been collecting over the decades; I’m talking about real sex toys. I had the pleasure of being a passion consultant where I was invited to homes and sold toys. Picture Tupperware parties but with sex toys. I often faced ridiculous questions. The most common one was. “I have a real cock to play with; why do I need a toy?” 


I don’t care if you have the hardest cock or wettest pussy from here to Tim-Butt-Fucking-Tu. Toys are great tools for him and her. In past columns, I touched on role playing and threesomes and there are many ways to look at sex toys. The ideas of toys are not about replacing your partner, it’s about increasing your stimulation. Letting loose and control. Having fun.

Roll Of The DICE

Start with something small. Toys don’t have to be used on the body, but it is the idea of starting off simple. Do you feel like you want to gamble? Sex dice is a great way. It can keep things exciting by telling you the location (car, bedroom, kitchen) to what act you should do (kiss, tickle, nibble, lick, fuck) to body part. 



Strip poker anyone ? Don’t stress out if you  don’t know how to play the game. You can pretty much play any game and lose an article of clothing per loss/round.


Naked Twister 

Word of caution: when playing this game with your partner, stretch before you begin playing. Nothing like getting a fucking Charlie horse or pulling a muscle.


Dildos vs. Vibrators

Dildos are great for internal stimulation but they does require a lot of wrist action. You can rub it in and out, twist and fucking shout. The vibrator is a little more graduated where it will vibrate, rotate and come with an addition that focuses on the clit.

Put a Ring On It

It’s no longer about “If you like it, then you should put a ring on it.” Now it’s about a ring for him. What kind of ring? A Cock Ring. How to use a cock ring: Turn him on. Start getting him hard. Cup and massage his testicles. Rub his shaft. Once his  cock is hard, place the cock ring around his shaft. Some may wrap around the testicles . The Cock Ring will make his boner harder, bigger and, yes, LONGER!!!! 


Pleasure Sleeves

Sometimes with playing, self control can be sexy. One toy is the ribbed Pleasure Sleeve. There’s the skins that look like pussy and some that look like an asshole. If you are into mutual masturbation, this sleeve will have you satisfied.


The Sex Dolls : I don’t mind sex dolls in the bedroom. Now they feel real and look real and they have male dolls, too. Put it in the bed and you don’t have to worry about any problems. Link them with the right lubes (you don’t want to ruin the skin of the doll or deteriorate the material). You can imagine a threesome with this lifelike doll where you can practice blowjobs to licking clit. Some dolls now come with voice boxes where they moan. 


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