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Assume the Position – Man, I Love a Man in Uniform

This column is dedicated to those who work in the line of duty – past, present and working to do so in the future. Thanks for serving and protecting us. 


We have all been there around Halloween. Dressing up as sexy law enforcement. Someone once asked me why I find both men and ladies who are in law enforcement so sexy. While there are so many reasons why, I will tell you about one of the sexiest fantasies and encounters I have had. I can say I love the authority that they have. How they knowingly face danger and wake up everyday to do it all over again. They can make your heart skip a beat as they walk the beat. They have street smarts and all while being cool, calm and collected.


Sex Appeal

When I was in grade 12, we started to feel the pressure of thinking about a profession that we wanted to pursue. My girlfriends wanted to be models and actresses, doctors and nurses. My guy  friends wanted to make music videos and become professional athletes. As for me, I had no fucking clue as to what I wanted to “grow up to be.” We got called down to the auditorium and when I walked in with my class, there was this police officer. He was sexy. He stood at the stage watching us as we filed in. They introduced him as “P.C Murphy.” He was a babe. He looked strong. He looked hot and my hormones as a teenage girl had me thinking of all kinds of bad girl behavior.



He showed off his badge. We sat front row so we got to touch it. It felt heavy. Felt powerful, He spoke about some scary situations. The paperwork that follows if he were to remove his firearm from its holster. We got to ask questions. I got up from my seat and made my way to the microphone. Some answers he gave were so honest, they could still keep me up at night. I asked, “How do you find the strength to wake up every morning, put on your uniform and go to work?” He looked at me and said, “Why do you go to school everyday?” I answered, “I have to. My responsibility to learn and act accordingly.” He smiled and replied, “My job is to serve and protect. To help people before it’s too late. To help guide, be a friend. Act and do what I need to. Look at situations logically and do what we all need to do.”


I went back to my seat and he answered questions like if he had popped anybody or if he drove like “Training Day” flicks. Some questions he laughed at, rolled his eyes. Our teacher thanked him and he stayed behind and spoke to our Careers class. He looked at me and went to his gym bag. He had a police patch and he handed it to a classmate opposite of me. It went around the circle. Each of us looked it over and examined it. I was the last one to see it. As I looked it over, I motioned to give it back and he told me to hold on to it. He packed up and as I motioned again he said, “Keep it so you always find the strength to always get through a tough day.” I was wet. I wanted to break something. He looked so muscular, so fit. I wanted to do something naughty to keep him nearby. 


I celebrated my 18th birthday a week later. The money my folks gave me was put to good use. I got my ID and made my way to the sex shop. I bought a set of fuzzy handcuffs and a modest sized dildo. Raging hormones had to be kept under wraps. I went to town holding the patch, whilst sticking the dildo in and out and having my handcuffs around my wrist.


Try this at Home

You can buy a police officer costume at any party store and pick up accessories at any dollar general. Feel free to sex it up with fuzzy handcuffs. Some lingo to try is : 


“Put Your Hands Up.”

“Spread ‘Em”

While Frisking – for her to use on him, “Do you have anything you can poke me with?”


If you want to opt out of a full uniform, you can try dress pants or jeans and pretend to be undercover.



Cautionary Tale

As I have gotten older, I still love a man in uniform. Some officers I see now turn me on to the point I want to commit a misdemeanor just for them to frisk me, but I’m too chicken shit to do so. While I strongly advise against pretending to be a police officer in public, I think it is a great idea in the bedroom while playing cops and robbers. Good Cop -Bad Cop. If you plan on using handcuffs, words to the wise make sure you don’t throw away the key. Last thing you want is to call for help with the authorities to help you get those handcuffs off.


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