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Introducing Yaroslav “Doc Pump” Yakovliev

Foreword: Reading in various groups dedicated to bodybuilding, questions and comments on these issues containing tips on the use of steroids, I understand that the guys lack knowledge in this matter.
In these “tips,” they either underestimate the importance of steroids in sports and in particular in bodybuilding, or vice versa they clearly overestimate it.
In addition, the Internet is simply full of tips from various “fitness gurus,” advertising all kinds of super-supplements, methods, statements and arguments of doctors, video blogs of champions who sold their souls to the fitness industry.
So I decided to talk about my experience in building a body, about how I did it, about my vision of how to train, eat and recover.
I will frankly and honestly talk about my experience.
But nevertheless, I immediately warn you – this text is not a guide to action and is provided, as it is now fashionable to say, for informational purposes.
My story is for those who understand that bodybuilding is a subject of worship, a means of achieving their desired goal, the Holy Grail that they are looking for. I dedicate this story to them in order to save their valuable time.
My revelation is not advisable to read to lovers of “pumping banks” before the beach season, as well as their friends, preoccupied with their fifth point.
In my articles, I will pay attention only to those aspects of the training process that I consider important and which personally helped me find my Grail.
This is the quintessence of my personal experience without unnecessary husks.
Also, I do not set out to refute other people’s opinions or scientific data.

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