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Time Is Your Enemy in Bodybuilding

CONFESSION – Over the years of training, I met a lot of people, and only a few of them found their Grail.

Having spent time, some found disappointment, others left the search, someone despaired, and someone else believes that some protein or steroid cocktail will do a miracle with them.

In fact, at one time I was also puzzled by what choice I should make. I trained from the age of 14 to 18 without using restorative drugs (as I call testosterone preparations).  I made my choice at 18, but by that time I already had about four years of training and about 10 kg of muscle gain behind me.

I was engaged independently with the inventory made by me.  The first two years were classes with my own body weight and dumbbells, later I bought the book “Bodybuilding for All,” which became my first “trainer.” At 17, I first saw a real barbell, and, as they say now, “hardcore gym.”

At the age of 18, by the time of the first “course” (in fact, I have not used this word in my vocabulary for a long time, since I consider it incorrect… but more on that later) I already weighed 73 kg and could shake 90 kg.

I have been using steroids for 21 years and consider it my personal choice. And even though I started at 18, the understanding of “how?  where to?  and how much?” came to me much later, somewhere in 23 years. And this, as I already understand, is too late for the realization of their great sports hopes.

In bodybuilding, as in any other type of activity, time is your enemy.

Time steals youth, and with it all the advantages that it gives us.

I won the champion title, but lost the time.


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