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XFL Folding Again?


Chalk up another ‘victim’ to the coronavirus. It appears that the XFL will not continue in 2021 after earlier reports stated that they would certainly do so. Their inaugural season – this new version of the XFL, that is – was unfortunately cut short after five weeks due to the coronavirus and the subsequent shutdown from the pandemic.

“Given the uncertainty of the current environment, the XFL has suspended operations and is evaluating next steps,” was released in a statement┬áby the WWE, the company that owns the XFL


Apparently half the league’s staff was laid off today following an in-house conference call chaired by XFL CEO Jeffrey Pollack, who did not state that the league was officially folding or not. But speculation is running rampart and with good reason. A successful season would have been necessary for the league to continue and even though it did receive more positive than negative reviews, losing half the regular and entire postseason may be a fatal blow.

This incarnation of the XFL was taken more seriously than its earlier version two decades ago. Gone were the wrestling-like gimmicks and this was straight-forward gridiron action with some interesting twists. The rules regarding kickoffs and extra points were highly lauded by sports scribes nationwide and the ratings and attendance – while not superb by any stretch – were mediocrely consistent, at least. Probably enough to sustain the league to at least prepare for a follow-up campaign in 2021.

But that all may be a moot point and by letting a large number of league employees go, that is the first sign that the XFL will once again be a ‘one-and-done.’

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