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I have nothing to do with the use of steroids.
There is no natural or non-natural bodybuilding.
There is truth, and it is dictated by our physiology.
Look at women. How do they differ from us? Testosterone levels. And the level of testosterone in the man’s body is not so high, it is just enough to provide sexual attraction and continue the human race, and not to weigh 150 kg or lift 300 kg.
There are no “courses” and “PCT.” In all kinds of sports, various means of restoring working capacity are used, depending on the specifics and goals. They do this in order to improve the course of recovery processes after physical exertion.
This is done not six or 12 weeks, but over a much longer period of time. After which, of course, if necessary, apply restoration procedures to eliminate side effects, if any.
The body does not need muscle mass like professional bodybuilders; it is not something necessary for its vital functions.
Muscle growth is provided only during puberty. However, there is nothing dangerous in continuing this growth afterwards.
The natural development of muscles is inherent in us in order to form a figure of a young man by male type. For this, the body at about 11 years of age with the onset of puberty increases the synthesis of TESTOSTERONE and increases its level to the age of 20-22 years, followed by normalization and maintenance of its level to the age of 35-40 years. Then begins its decline.
External factors, such as insufficient sleep, insufficient or poor nutrition, stressful situations, bad habits, ecology, also affect the testosterone level, all of which negatively affects the synthesis of testosterone.
Testosterone starts and affects the process of protein breakdown to amino acids with their further use for muscle building.  This process is called anabolism.
It is testosterone that affects the development and growth of bones and muscles.
When the figure has formed, the effect of testosterone is more concentrated not in the muscles. Now it regulates the reproductive system and reproductive function. At this stage, testosterone is no longer needed; its synthesis is normalized.
Having reached the age of 35-40 years, a decrease in testosterone production begins. Reproductive ability decreases, testosterone synthesis gradually fades away.
The consequences of these changes are a decrease in libido, a decrease in muscle mass and an increase in adipose tissue. Muscles lose elasticity, strength, bones become fragile, skin loses elasticity; aging occurs.
Given all this, it becomes clear – to achieve high sports results you need a high level of testosterone, and you do not have much time.
The beginning of my own “therapy” was laid with four ampoules of Retabolil, which a friend advised me. I “put” them in one ampoule once a week. I then added, it seems, five kilograms. And the scales showed already 78 kg.
Later, I purchased five ampoules of Omnadren-250 and 100 tablets of Methandrostenolone from a university powerlifting coach.
 “Gone” is all for a month, and I already weighed 90 kg.  17 kg + !!! I was able to shake lying 130 kg !!!
I trained then three times a week.  Did 6-8 reps in 3 sets. Only exercises with a barbell, because apart from rusty barbells, squats and benches for a bench in this room, there was nothing. Oh, yes!  There was still a great desire and faith.
Every day I ate 0.5 kg of rice, 0.5 kg of halva and 5 eggs. That is 450 grams of carbohydrates and 120 grams of protein.
Here are three components: training, nutrition, recovery. By recovery, I mean steroids, sleep, mental attitude, and visualization. It is clear that nutrition is also associated with recovery. In general, all these components are one. And all of them are equivalent and without each other are completely useless.
I was convinced of this when I went home for the summer holidays. At home I worked at a construction site, I ate so-so. I obviously lost more energy than I received. I stopped taking drugs for the whole vacation. I returned to the university very slender – 70 kg, it seems. I lost even more than I gained before.
I was disappointed and, deciding that steroids were useless, continued to search for the truth.
I did not have to search long. At that time, the magazines Strength and Beauty and Flex appeared in newspaper stalls.
For the first time, I saw Weider live sports nutrition and believed that here it is – the very missing element. After all, Joe Vader himself recommends them, and he is the “God” of bodybuilding.
Gathering money, I acquired the treasured 3 kg of banana MEGA MASS 2000 + Amino 5000 and enthusiastically began to transform my body.
Only three measuring scoops of Mega Mass and one bottle of Amino 5000 after training and a month later, I gained as much as three kg! What is the matter? Maybe you need to train otherwise?
Then I still did not understand that an additional 23 grams of protein and 61 grams of carbohydrates from a gainer is just additional nutrition plus the main diet. Therefore, I concluded that I did not train correctly and that training should be changed.
“Strength and Beauty” from training to training was printed by Dorian Yates, Ronnie Coleman, Mike Matarazzo. Time passed, and I tried on other people’s training programs.
 One day in 1997, Flex published an interview with Jim Schmalz with Mike Christian. Then there was the story “My Story” by Philip Goli, as well as an interview with Dr. Jose Antonio “Are Anabolic Steroids Dangerous?”  Later, the book “Pharmacology of Strength and Beauty” falls into my hands. This book gave me basic knowledge, and on their basis I began to look for a regimen that would provide me with the best recovery.
After graduating from university, I gained knowledge in anatomy and physiology. These are, perhaps, the two most important subjects that have already allowed me to build my body competently. And the only advice I allow myself to give the reader is to learn Anatomy and Physiology.
In 2002, I started training in a real quality basement. These are not today’s fitness clubs. It was there that I conducted my experiments, the reward for which was second place to Mr. Celtik 2006 WPF Federation in Britain.
Before preparing for the tournament, I trained in the range of six-to-eight reps, doing three-to-five sets. I rested for about two minutes. Weights used 70-80% of a one-time maximum. It was some kind of hybrid combining bodybuilding and powerlifting. He developed a little mass and a little strength, but this state of affairs did not suit me, I felt that something needed to be changed.
However, before thinking about switching to the “pump,” I got stagnant – the form did not worsen, but it didn’t improve. Weight just got stuck at around 100 kg, I couldn’t manage to budge it, therefore, getting ready for Mr.  Celtik, I began to do one-to-two sets of six-to-eight reps and added four-to-five sets of “pumping” to them. Used four ampoules of Sustanon 250 per day. I introduced them to the delts, triceps and biceps, as this increased their volume, albeit temporarily. I then ate 30 eggs a day. Carbohydrates alternated 3 + 1. I also used 50 grams of amino acids after training. To reduce body fat, he used broncholithin (since ephedrine was already banned) + caffeine and aspirin.
The weight gain was 13 kg. Put on the stage 109 kg. This was my best form by then. I became the second and stayed there to learn from experience. Trained at the Muscleworks Gym. I was surprised that there are almost all the “memories.” At the same time, the guys were bigger than me. This was the beginning of a new stage in training and shaping our own style. A style that contributes to weight gain while burning subcutaneous fat. It’s peculiarity is in the pump-up mode of training with weights of 40-80%, “to failure,” rest between sets of one minute and up to 10 sec and a training duration of 40 or less minutes. So I train to this day.
Today I am convinced that the level of testosterone needs to be “tied” to the intensity and volume of loads.
For example, when I was preparing for UBPF 2011, I used two grams of Sustanon per day + 0.6 – 0.8 kg Mega Mass 4000. Yes, that’s right. I used a gainer in preparation – on the days of unloading I used it 150-200 gr,  while in the boot one or two days it came out to 0.6 – 0.8 kg. From natural sources of protein it was obtained about 200 grams on boot days and 350 grams on unloading days. I did a carbohydrate rotation against the background of twelve workouts per week for 40 minutes each. There was enough rest between the approaches to change the weight or the simulator.


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