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Hate Working Out? Try Sports As Your Go-To Fitness Activity

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There are basically two types of people: Those who like going to the gym and those do not.


Of course, if I had to choose which team I belong to, the answer is pretty obvious. I’m the type of person who’d rather burp from a Big Mac than catch my breath trying to do 200 burpees. I would choose a subscription to Netflix over a gym subscription any day. I’m that kind of person – or at least I used to be.


This is why when I say that I can “feel you” in your circumstance, I’m not kidding. I’ve been there, done that, and overcame it all in all.


“So you’re just here to tell us another success story now, aren’t you?”


You’re probably saying that right now. I mean, like you, I used to hate self-proclaimed fitness gurus boasting about their picture perfect bodies telling you that they “understand what you’re going through 100%.” Like, what a load of crap; there’s no way they do. It’s either they’ve probably mastered the art of eating nothing but celery since who knows when or they’ve managed to line up first when the world was unfairly handing out lightning fast metabolism to people.


I, on the other hand, am pretty sure that I get you. My body is far from perfect now and I don’t know if it’ll even get to that point given the world’s bizarre standards for fitness. What I do know, however, is that I’m standing in better ground. I know for a fact that somehow, some way, my efforts paid off and I feel better and more confident in the body I’m in now.


I know that a lot of you wish to have better fitness, too. What’s probably stopping you from achieving the body that you want is your reluctance to start. There are many reasons why you would hesitate from getting fit after all. One such reason might be your hatred for going to the gym. Trust me; you’re not the first person in the world to hate working out in a fitness facility and here’s why.


Why Do Some People Hate Working Out At The Gym?

When you watch your favorite TV series or films, the likelihood of seeing a scene where the main character is hitting it off at a gym is pretty high – especially for rom-com flicks or slice of life movies. You probably think to yourself how nice it would be if you can do what they do. Lead an active lifestyle, give your all-out effort in the office, maintain a healthy social life, and still manage to enjoy a glass of rum and pet your dog Alex by the end of your long, winding day.


You probably also wonder why you can’t do that much and how you fail at your life because fictional movie characters could’ve done it easily.


Well, there’s your answer. It’s fictional. Truth is, being alive is so much harder than what it looks like on TV. You’re not a character that never runs out of energy or stamina and can miraculously juggle all sorts of activities in a single day. There is no way that you can hit off the gym and not feel dead tired right after. If you keep comparing yourself to what you see on mass media, even if you do enrol to a gym, you’ll end up quitting half way.


Most people do, after all. And ultimately, they’ll hate going to the gym altogether. It’s tiring, time and energy-consuming, and it doesn’t bring instant merits. Worst of all, it’s pretty boring if you really think about it. Running on a treadmill? Cycling on a stationary bike? Those are boring, exasperating activities if you really think about it.


But just because you hate the gym doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to pursue better fitness at all, right? There is more than one to get fit. And if I could do it then you could do it too – especially if you’re into competitive play. Click here to know more reasons why you should work out.


Try sports.


Are Sports a Better Workout Alternative?

When you play, it’s entertaining.

When you play, it’s motivating.

When you play, it’s exciting.


And while you play, you get to burn all those built-up fat, too. This is why I have embraced sports as a way of working out ever since. Playing sports is different from mindlessly doing drills at the gym.


When you engage in team play, for example, you get to socialize with players. You also strategize with your brain. There is a clear goal and reward that awaits you on the other end of the line (even if the reward is just bragging rights). A competitive atmosphere is much more encouraging than a dull gym.


When you’ve got your game mode on, you can hardly think about being tired anymore. You’re so focused at winning, getting points, and playing as a part of a team that you don’t count the calories anymore. Time flies by much faster too. Before you know it, you’ve ran a mile or two from playing already; you’ve sweat pails and buckets. The best part is it won’t even feel like it because you’ll be too preoccupied with your fun.


Most sports are full body workouts already. For someone who typically hates going to the gym, you should consider taking up a sport instead. You may visit websites like for more options. Be it basketball, soccer, ping pong, or whatnot. I’m sure you’ll find something you’ll enjoy. And something that will help you keep fit at the same time!

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