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Modifying Steroid Cycles Over Time

For burning fat, I used Hell Fire 150 mg, up to four capsules. I did not use diuretics, as the form suited me, and the water itself left pretty well when I stopped drinking eight liters and reduced it to 0.5-1 liters 2 days before the tournament. I put 103 kg on stage.
Leading up to WABBA “Strength of the Nation” 2011, I ‘sat’ on 1 g / day of enanthate + stanazolol 400 mg / day.  Hell Fire 150 mg replaced with Methyldrene 25 to three capsules. Mega Mass also reduced to 0.4 kg. Natural protein came out to 150 gr.
I then became a champion, and since then my dosages have not even reached a gram.  Those two grams that I used at UBPF 2011 didn’t really change anything and were clearly superfluous.
Preparing for the IFBB 2015 Kiev Cup, I, as usual, used the same testosterone in a dose of 1-2 ml, i.e. 250-500 mg. The preparation took eight months, of which six I restored the lost earlier (my weight at the beginning of the preparation cycle was 96 kg) and two months I took to work on the relief.  Sportpit not used.  The squirrel was 150 gr. Carbohydrate 400 gr.  I used 150 μg L-thyroxine for two months before the cup and in parallel 300 mg of stazazolol.
As a result, I brought the weight to 117 kg, and went on stage with a weight of 103 kg, placing a disappointing fourteenth. After these competitions, I realized that it was time for me to stop.
In the winter of 2016, I still had a desire to compete again. Dosages were much smaller. For a month, I put 250 mg enanthate + 150 mg oxymetholone per day and another month – 250 mg enanthate + 250 mg boldenone + 100 mg stanazolol.
Started from 98 kg and reached 121 kg.
Those 121 kg left 100 kg. “Rollback” with a decrease in exogenous testosterone levels is inevitable. The onset of weight loss usually occurs after a five-week break. And no PCT will help here, since building muscle tissue beyond the boundaries laid down by nature is nothing more than a violation of homeostasis.  To maintain anabolism in the meat, you need enough testosterone, amino acids, glycogen. But this is not real for a long period of time, because the same digestive system also needs rest. And the nervous system needs a timeout from intensive training; the body needs rest.
It is impossible to constantly intensively train, eat hard and ‘sit’ on steroids. There should be periods of rest.  Another thing is that in such a period, you can either completely abandon testosterone or reduce it, for example, to 250 mg per week. This will still maintain the gained mass and reduce its losses. Doing PCT in this period does not see the point. If you bring the hormonal levels back to normal, that is, the body continues to normally produce testosterone (up to 10 mg per day), then what will it change?  Nothing. These 10 mg will not be able to support a mass built on 250 mg and large dosages. But simply suppressing the hormonal system, then restoring – I think it’s not great.
But it is not all that bad. When you resume taking testosterone, recovery from memory occurs very quickly. The second – if you maintain muscle mass for a long time at the right level, the body seems to get used to it. For example, my weight never dropped below 95 kg, even when I had not trained for two years and all that.
For all the years of training, I used mostly only testosterone, sometimes oral medications such as methane, oxymetholone and stanazolol.  Stanazolol works well to reduce the level of SHBG, which binds testosterone, making it inactive. With it, I have repeatedly “broken” the stagnation in weight gain. Also, stanazolol is good for stiffening muscles. For this purpose, it could reach up to 300 mg on my day. After oxymetholone or methandrostenolone, it is desirable to consolidate the results by continuing therapy with testosterone. I dealt with Deca three times and did not notice any impressive results, except for the side effect of a strong suppression of libido for up to two weeks, so I refused to use it in the future.  By the way, boldenone is a great replacement for a nandrolon decanoate.


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