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The Struggle of Finding Inside Out Love

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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Relationships are tricky as fuck. I don’t believe in relationship experts or advice other than “go with the flow“and “whatever floats your boat, set sail.”  I was asked by a dear friend to write on this very tender and sensitive subject. To respect their privacy, they shall remain nameless.


Loved Ones With Disabilities is something near and dear to me. You’ve seen countless videos on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and other social media platforms. Many living day-to-day lives with disabilities and their loved ones. Finding someone to love you for who you are has always been a scary and delicate situation. 


Love is a word that gets thrown around all too easily. The word is no longer taken seriously. Love has many different meanings. You love your family, bestie, the game, the gym, your pet, your favorite actor that you are dating in your mind. 


When looking for love or a life partner, we always look at what is on the outside. The superficial bullshit. What we see. The car they drive, what they do for a living and how much money they make. The whole attraction thing is becoming boring to me peronally because someone might look great on the outside, but can have a shitty mentality, stupid morals and outright just appalling behaviour. When looking for love or a partner, we overlook so much and scrutinize or flat out ignore some really important things. Than beautiful souls with disabilities whether visible or not, are overlooked. 


I spoke to my dear friend and what hurts many living with the disabilities is that they are always left heart broken. They are eliminated too easily because the other individual isn’t open to understanding. “We are able to take care of ourselves, we just want to share our life with someone special. They give up on us so easily because they assume they would have to care for us.“


This is where I say we are supposed to care about one another. It isn’t always about looks. It’s about the interactions. The emotional support we give each other. A very honest and understanding side to all where we are empathetic and compassionate. Think of wedding vows where we promise “to have and to hold, better or worse, in sickness and in health.” We might be denying ourselves a life partner if we are looking at the superficial. 


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