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The longer you train, the more you begin to understand your body, so your own approach to training, nutrition and recovery is born. This is nothing more than the principle of Joe Weider’s instinctive training. When you master it, you will succeed. This will be the moment when your body will “tell” you what to do. Not a single trainer will give you this knowledge; you must get it yourself. Read, analyze, think.
So, first of all, do not get distracted in training no matter what. In the gym, there is no place for your gadgets, communication, your daily problems.  Arriving in the gym, leave all unnecessary behind the door. Focus on training, on the sensations of the muscles that you train.
You must learn to feel and control them and understand what muscles you are doing for this or that exercise.
I want to dispel the myth right away that bodybuilding is a power sport; this is not true. The purpose of bodybuilding is not the development of strength, therefore, training is different from training powerlifters. Feel free to reject all kinds of schemes where they suggest performing a low number of repetitions in sets. Anything below 12 reps is not for bodybuilding. Muscles grow as a result of microtraumas and their further enhanced blood supply, and therefore nutrition. No 6-8 or 3-5 repetitions will contribute to filling the muscle with blood, and therefore nutrition.
For a muscle to grow, it needs to be injured, and then provide amino acids and glycogen for its recovery and growth. You can injure the fibers only by performing approaches with a weight of 80% of your one-time maximum. Further, due to a decrease in working weights and as many repetitions as possible, there is an increase in blood supply and trophism.
In practice, it will look like this: for example, I can use a 70 kg dumbbell – this is my maximum, so for two warm-up approaches I will take 25-30 kg, dumbbells of 60 kg will do for the first working approach – after taking the “to failure” approach, I’m taking rest  no more than 1 min, then 50 kg “to failure” dumbbells, 1 min rest and 40 kg approach, then 30 and 20 kg approaches.
The weight from approach to approach decreases, and this is normal, because you become weaker with each new set, but it does not matter – you are not a powerlifter. The more repetitions, the more muscle time under load.
Do not count repetitions, do not be distracted, just do the exercise while you have strength. If you are training with your partner, let him help you stand up for the denial. At the end of each set, do a few more reps with your partner. You can also add negative repetitions, when your partner helps you go through the positive phase, and your task is only to slowly lower the weight. This is what I call intense training.
Believe me, with such intensity, you are unlikely to have enough strength for 40 minutes of training. You will complete 4-5 exercises for one muscle, and that will be enough. You will not be able to do anything else.
Training should last a maximum of 40 minutes. During this time, you will be able to pump a maximum of three muscles – and this is enough. Over time, it will become difficult for you, and this is because you will learn how to better isolate the working group. Focus on hard work without dissipating the load on non-target muscles.
If you are now squeezing 50 kg, you are doing this not only with the pectoral muscles, but also with the triceps and delts. Over time, you will learn to exclude all non-target groups from work and only perform chest presses. At the same time, working weights will increase. All this will make your training harder than it is now. And if now your training consists of 10 exercises, then when you become stronger, it is not a fact that you will master five.  Moreover, the number of approaches will increase.
Do not chase working weights. No need to set records in training. They will not lead to anything. You’ll probably not grow, but you can easily get injured.


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