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Physio Burnaby: Benefits of Physiotherapy Treatment

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Physiotherapy is designed to treat muscle and joints problems. It is normally achieved by the use of machines, professional massage or transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (Tens) among others.

This pain-relief treatment helps patients with arthritis maintain an active lifestyle despite the challenges. It also assists in the recovery of various injuries including bone fractures from accidents.

Mobility is made easier and less painful by the use of this kind of treatment. With this said, let’s look at the various benefits of physiotherapy.

  1. Improving mobility

This is the key reason why this treatment is important. With arthritis or a fractured bone, walking or standing can be a huge challenge. This is because arthritis causes joint and muscle stiffness which affects the ability to move.

However, this stretching and strengthening exercise can help improve your ability to walk, making you more independent. A physiotherapist provides you with the right exercise and techniques to help you improve your joint movements. There is also a benefit in finding the best rheumatologist in Sydney.

One of the best forms of physiotherapy treatment to improve mobility is the hydrotherapy pool. Here you get to exercise in warm water. The water supports your body which allows you to move your muscles without straining.

  1. Treatment of chronic or injury pains

Physiotherapy can help eliminate joint and muscle pain through regular therapeutic exercises.

This can be achieved through therapy treatments like electrical stimulation, ultrasound, and low-level lasers, and soft tissues and joints mobilization. These treatments can help speed up the healing process which reduces pain.

Moreover, some therapist performs acupuncture on the patient therefore stimulating the production of endorphins by the body. These hormones reduce pain and pressure when produced.

  1. Improves stability

After an injury or if you are having problems with your vestibular system, you might be at a higher risk of falling due to lack of balance. Luckily, the treatment provides you with several exercises that can help you regain your balance without straining your muscles.

Your therapist can also provide you with devices such as canes and crutches to help you walk properly. Another way to help improve your balance is through performing special maneuvers that bring back proper vestibular operations.

By doing so, it reduces the Occurrence of dizziness and the patient becomes more stable. See more benefits of this treatment in this link

  1. Avoid surgery

It replaces the need for surgery in cases of severe arthritis or injuries. This is because physiotherapy works as a pain reliever and eliminates pain as well.

Nevertheless, in the event that surgery is considered as an option, pre-surgery therapy comes in handy.

This therapy makes your body stronger for the surgery and speeds up the recovery process afterward. Also, physiotherapy eliminates extra surgery expenses.

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