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Hot Fit Mom JJ Jonesy

I am a 36-year-old mom to one amazing and ferocious four-year-old, slightly fitness-obsessed and get obnoxiously grumpy when I don’t get my workout in. Exercise keeps me sane(ish), along with plenty of wine. Besides health and fitness, being outdoors keeps my soul at peace; fishing, hiking, golf, yard work, or just sun worshiping; I’m down for it all. I love adventure! Especially if there’s food involved. 
I grew up in a very small and sheltered community in the Pacific Northwest, and was incredibly shy and kept to myself all through school, deciding I had had enough of the cliquey bullshit by the end of 10th grade. I got my GED and started working. I did just about everything from making sandwiches at the gas station to housekeeping, landscaping, serving in a resort lounge, working construction to owning my own company. Finally ending up as a stay at- mom – the absolute most difficult and most rewarding job I’ve ever had. 
Last summer I found a new obsession for Spartan races. My husband and I signed up for a Sprint together and were instantly hooked. I have done two so far and am signed up for three more. I despise cardio in almost every form; free weights are my church, my therapy, my happiness, so the necessary evil of endurance training is now my bi-weekly nemesis. I do all my workouts at home and haven’t been in an actual gym for over 15 years, which works out well for me since I like to workout in my underwear! 
I recently turned my enjoyment of being naked into an Only Fans page and am having loads of fun with that. I have definitely discovered my naughty exhibitionist side. My content ranges from classy lingerie to just about everything else – in photo and video. I also always welcome suggestions and special requests.

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