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Women In Uniform – US Army Hottie Heidi Holman

Heidi Holman/Instagram

EDITOR’S NOTE: MuscleSport Media wants to acknowledge the lovely ladies who are either active or retired members of the military, police department,  fire department,  first responders, etc. worldwide with their own bio articles. If you want to be a part of our “Women In Uniform” series or know someone who should be, please send an email to


My name is Heidi Holman, but usually I go by Sergeant Holman. I am an active duty Army Military Police Officer and have been for four years. I am stationed at Fort Campbell, Kentucky but am currently deployed for nine months.


I joined the Army late, at 20 years old hoping to find something I was good at. Soon after joining, I fell in love with my job, being able to help the community, and of course fighting a few bad guys every once in a while.



Lifting weights and staying active play a huge role in the military and my life in general. I am thankful enough to have a very knowledgeable and supportive father who is both prior service as an Army Ranger of the 75th Ranger Reg. and a bodybuilding competitor, as well. He taught me most of what I know and pushed me to be the strongest and smartest I can be in every aspect of my job and fitness.


I have my Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice with a concentration in Forensics and will be continuing on to my Master’s Degree when I return home from deployment. As for now, no husband and no kids but that is fine with me, I’ve got big plans for my career and future!





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