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Split Training Routine

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 Split 1 – For the Beginner
Day 1: Hips, Lower legs.  Press Day 2: Back, Traps.  Biceps Day 3: Chest, Deltoids, Triceps.
For large muscle groups 3-4 exercises, for small 2-3. Perform two warm-up sets + three work sets with a weight of 80, 70, 60% of the maximum. Between sets, rest no more than one minute.
Over time, when working weights grow, and you learn to better isolate the work group, you will not be able to fully “pump” three muscles in 10 exercises. This happens because you will use large weights and better isolate the muscle, which will require greater energy consumption and deplete the central nervous system more.
Practice on such a split for about three months. Focus on your progress while it’s there, don’t change anything, and when the plateau nevertheless comes, take a week or two breaks for rest and enhanced nutrition, then go to Split 2.
 Split 2
Day 1: Hips, Lower legs. Press Day 2: Deltoids, Traps. Day 3: Chest, Triceps. Day 4: Back, Biceps
Perform four exercises for large muscles, and three exercises for small muscles. Rest for at least one minute between sets.
You can train on this split, doing a day of rest in a day or two workouts. Perform all exercises in five sets after two warm-ups.
Alternatively, you can change the split by combining your biceps workouts with triceps and pectorals with your back.
Having switched to this split, do not forget to increase the dosage of testosterone with a simultaneous increase in caloric intake.
Somewhere after a year of training, split your split so that at each training session you pump only one muscle.
It will look like seven days of training and one day of rest or 3 + 1 + 3.


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