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9 Tips on How to Choose Flowers for Mother’s Day

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Mother’s Day is one of the most important days of celebration for women. It is the day when children have the opportunity to show appreciation to their mothers. It is also a time for those who is already a mother to honor their own mothers. Fresh flowers is the best way to express appreciation for the mother who have taken care of you. The following are 9 tips on how to choose flowers for Mother’s Day.


  1. Set a Budget

Firstly, you have to set aside a budget for buying the Mother’s Day flowers. You should have a budget of $40 – $60 plus the shipping fee. The shipping fee varies depending on how fast you want the flowers to be delivered. If you have small budget, you can go with a bouquet with less than perfect blooms or a bouquet with smaller blooms. When you are calculating your budget, be sure to take into account the cost of a meal out.


  1. Choose Your Mother’s Favorite Flower or Color

The easiest way to choose the flowers is to buy her favorites types. On the paper, you can write down a list of your mother’s favorite flowers. After that, you can go to the florist store and search for the flowers on the list. You can mix and match different flowers until you make a decent bouquet. If you don’t know your mother’s favorite color, you can choose the fragrance she likes.


  1. Choose Red or Pink Carnations

The most common Mother’s Day bouquet is carnations. Red and pink carnations are used for honoring a mother that is still alive. Light red symbolizes admiration while dark red symbolizes affection. You can also choose to buy a spring bouquet with flowers like tulips, and lilies for your mother. Get more details at


  1. Avoid Roses

On Mother’s Day, you will want to avoid giving roses because roses tend to impart a romantic meaning. Roses are reserved for Valentine’s Day unless your mother really love roses. If rose is your mother’s favorite flower, you might want to mix up roses with different colors. Pink roses are commonly given as Mother’s Day flower.


  1. Add a Vase

At the online florist store, you can usually buy the flower with the vase. They only offer one or two types of vase for you to choose from. The vase they offer usually have solid color. If you want nicer vase, you will have to buy it on your own. If you want to get creative, you can use empty containers such as mason jars, and terrarium containers.


  1. Add Extra Add-ons

If you have money, you can spend extra to buy add-ons so that the recipient will feel special when he receives your flower. You can buy the add-on gift items yourself if you decide to present the flower to your mother. The greeting card is the most important part because you can write a custom message to the recipient in it. You can personalize the greeting card with a Mother’s Day poem and quote.


  1. Avoid Choosing the Same Flower Arrangement

If you are buying Mother’s day flowers for two person for example your mother and your mother-in-law, you should avoid choosing duplicate flower arrangement. Each bouquet should be well thought with the appropriate meaning for the intended recipients. The bouquet should also be the same size to ensure that there is none of the recipient feel less. For convenience, you can also choose same bouquets but in different colors. For example, if you choose pink carnations and roses for your mother, you can choose red carnations and roses for your mother-in-law.


  1. Give Potted Plant

You can give potted plant instead of flowers for Mother’s Day gift. If you give potted plant, you can choose orchid or lilac. Buying the plant from the nursery may not be enough to impress your mother. Instead, you should just plant the flower from scratch and water it every day until it bloom. This will surely make a memorable gift for your mother on Mother’s Day.


  1. Use Coupon Code

Many online florist stores offer coupon codes that can help you save some money. Often, the florist store will also publish the coupon code at their sites. If you find the coupon code on the coupon site, you may have to try a few codes until you find one that work.

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