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Heavy Metal and Why You Should Lift It

How Lifting Heavy Weights Can Benefit You


Invisible Gains?


It might shock some people to hear that there’s more to lifting than just building muscle and getting HUGE, but hear me out. The big gains may be coming in a form that can’t be measured like size or weight. Most of us start working out because we want to change our bodies, but lifting heavy can change your character too.


By overloading with some serious weight and trying to push out reps, you’ll probably experience quite a bit of discomfort. By forcing through the discomfort, you are not only getting the most potential strength gains from your workout but also hardening yourself to that feeling. This kind of character building will make you a beast inside and outside the gym.


Get Exposed


By really pushing your muscular strength to the limit, you’ll start to notice things about your body that weren’t as clear when you were just cruising at lower weights. Subtle imbalances will be far more obvious when you’re at war with your left arm trying to get the last rep out clean. You may also begin to notice weaknesses, where certain muscle groups have been compensating for others. Now is a great time to fix those problems and your personal data will only become available if you push yourself far enough to expose the issues.


Sure, lifting heavy is fun and you should push your limits for the reasons above, but you have to stay safe while you are doing so. Never forget to warm up before a hard workout, strength training can be especially hard on the joints.


However, there are ways to limit this.


By using specific training gear like Active Weight Lifting Hooks from ROOMAIF, you’ll be able to keep yourself just that little bit safer when you are lifting heavy. When you first start pushing yourself with some heavyweight it may be hard for your grip to keep up. Using lifting hooks will not just take the strain off of your wrists, but also reduce the risk of dropping the bar. Made from high-quality materials, neoprene and coated steel, these bits of fitness gear are a solid investment for anyone jumping on the strength training bandwagon.


On the subject of grip, if the hooks seem a little overkill, why not try using gloves? You might not get the same gnarly King-Kong callouses on your hands, but you will reduce the risk of wrist and finger injuries. ROOMAIF’s Strength Fitness Gloves come equipped with grip protectors built into the design to make sure you stay in control of your lifts, so no more dropping the bar and upsetting the yoga-class next door.


I get it, training aids aren’t for everyone, but if you are thinking of picking some up and pushing yourself that little extra, I suggest always going for a trustworthy brand. Germany is not just home to some of history’s greatest strongmen, but also fitness retailer ROOMAIF. Established in the early ’90s, they have been providing high-quality fitness equipment for nearly 30 years. Sponsoring a host of top-level athletes across the sporting world, you can guarantee their quality.


Mix it up!


Strength training will NOT make muscles huge like hypertrophy training will. That’s a fact. However, 6-10 weeks of lifting heavy can make for some big gains in the raw strength department. If you follow that with a phase of hypertrophy training for the same amount of time, you can now lift bigger weights for more reps. Sounds like a recipe for growth if you ask me.


Plus, mixing things up and breaking the routine never hurt anyone and might add a little motivation on a particularly flat day.


Brains like Albert, Gains like Arnie


Finally, here’s a fun one for you. Lifting heavy can release hormones that stimulate the production of proteins in your brain. These little guys get to work and strengthen existing pathways in your brain or help to create new ones. This can increase your cognitive ability and make you smarter. So, get out there bright spark, you’ve got brain gains to make!


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