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She’s a Super Freak

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I can’t stress this enough – if she is a lady in the street, chances are she’s a freak in bed. Some ladies are down right sweet and polite. Made of all sugar and spice. Proper and lady like. We are built strong and many layers to us. When it comes to the bedroom, let her put her hair down and let her put your ass to sleep. I had a reader ask, “How do you please a woman?” 


Let me fucking tell you a little secret. There  is no fucking secret because your lady will tell you what she wants, how she wants it, when she wants it and to fucking get to work. 


Look! A Sign

Guys – pay attention. Let’s say she showered. She soaked. She exfoliated. She shaved and she needs you to wash her back. You are getting called into action. You stop whatever the fuck you are doing and you join her in the bathtub or shower. You lather her up, scrub her down; let her do the same to you. Then start kissing, massaging her skin. She tells you, “I’m so wet.” Foreplay is working like a charm. When you are both done in the shower, dry her gently with a soft towel. Taste her skin. Nibble every once in a while. Rub her legs and her feet. Kiss and nibble her stomach. If her hair is dripping, where the water droplet is, run your tongue opposite the droplet. Take her hand and lead her to the bedroom but if she pushes you to the bed, she is taking control.



 Suddenly she straddles you and starts to rub her clit against your shaft and massages your balls. Rub your hands up and down her body. If she put your hands behind your head, no touching. Let her dominate. She wants to own you; you do what she fucking wants. She can’t take anymore and wants you to get down and dirty. She pulls you to the floor and puts you on your back. You do just that. Let her slide your hard cock into her and bounce. You feel you are about to cum and she gets off of you. She gets on her knees and fluffs you. Try not to cum. She hasn’t cum just yet and wants you to keep going. If she assumes the doggy position, do so. Slide into her and pound her. She tells you, “pull my hair.” Don’t fucking think Kim Kardashian and rip her out. Just gently pull. She tells you “spank me.” Don’t hesitate. Do as she asks. If she tells you “harder,” just be careful not to hurt her. She wants you to call her a ‘bitch.” Bitch is the next word to come out your mouth. 


Ladies First

I know it’s hard fellas. Let her  cum first. Ladies get pissy when we don’t come. If you come prematurely, don’t give up… recover. Throw on something that gets you going so you can get back into it faster. Or get her favorite toy and fuck her that way. Ladies – we should appreciate it when a man will do this for us. Or ask her to masturbate. That often works, as it fucking sexy when she can masturbate in front of you. After all, nice guys that finish last was never a bad thing. 



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Statistics for Stephanie Ferreira

Age : 30somethin’

Bust :36D

Hips :38



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