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This is an inner vision of what you want.  Imagine how you want to create yourself, clearly, in detail. This technique programs you and gives the body a “building” plan.


Visualize during training, instead of counting repetitions or, especially, thoughts about other things. Imagine how your muscles change with each repetition, how they acquire the desired shape.


Even as a child, I painted little men with a V-shaped figure. Then I still had no idea about the existence of bodybuilding. Remembering this episode from childhood, I could not help but mention it as an example of visualization.


I can say that I was convinced of the effectiveness of this technique of self-programming. You cannot do something without mentally imagining the end result. Visualization gives your mind a picture, an action plan that will guide your actions to achieve the task. If there is no such plan, you can probably be imagined as a sculptor who does not see what he sculpts.



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