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Sex and Marriage

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All marriages are different. The two involved can decide what works best for them , If something doesn’t work find what works for the two of you and move forward. Don’t dwell on the setbacks. Every couple argues and that’s normal.



I’ll never forget when our family friend told me “ Congratulations and my condolences”  when my now husband and I announced  that we were getting married . I didn’t understand it at all. I was fucking thrilled to be getting married. While many family members and friends were happy for us, we had others that were brutally honest with it when they said “ Marriage was the death of freedom”. I thought they were Nay-sayers. They should’ve been happy for us . Then it hit me like a ton of bricks when they said   ”Wait until the honeymoon phase is over!”  



Ladies spend a long time fantasizing about their wedding day. The honeymoon is supposed to filled with lots of sex and romance.Then you go home and suddenly she  doesn’t want you to fucking touch her or the only “fuck “you hear is accpmpanied with the arguing and she tells you to “ Go Fuck yourself”.It’s almost like foreplay to when you start slamming doors and cabinets .You would think being married meant more freedom to fuck when you want.


Problem 1: Communication 


Things are left unsaid. We act like dating is the’ get to know you’ phase . In all honesty , we are getting to know our partners everyday, If  we really pay attention we can learn something new. How many times do we not say what we are really thinking for fear of hurting our partners about anything? Say what you need to.Saying too Much can also hurt you and your partner. Think back to your courting days and what made for conversation between the two of you. What brought the two of you together in the first place? The two of you should still be able to communicate no matter the subject . You don’t have to agree on everything or have the same taste.  No matter how tough the conversation you have to discuss it.That means both listening and talking.


Problem 2: Bad Romance


I’m going to make a very bold statement gentlemen. Even though you are married and you want to fuck , Please Turn ON the Romance Mode. Don’t walk up to her and sound like you are booking a fucking appointment with a lame “ Are we having fun tonight?” This one way to kill the mood and fast . She’ll probably say “ Not tonight , I have a headache”. To avoid this , cuddle up with her . Hold her… Caress her… Word to the wise, put some hand cream on your hands. Rub her feet or her back. Draw her a bath. Buy her flowers every once in a while. Buy chocolates. Treat her to a nice dinner. 


Problem 3: Too Many Arguments


Chances are you and the mrs are arguing about everything and anything. While are arguing is normal , an unhealthy sex life in your marriage can definetly spell Trouble.Ask yourself if what you are arguing about is really worth the frustration and arguing. Most arguments are generally about lack of romance, attention , money, bills and he said she said.


Sometimes with all the pent up frustration can be relieved by some Make up sex. Chances are He needs some Vitamin C and she needs a dose of D. 


Problem 4: Health


Sometimes if you are both trying to set the mood and can’t find what works I always suggest talking to a family practitioner and getting a medical diagnostic.I know it sounds overwhelming but make sure there aren’t any underlying health issues that can be affecting the mood for him or her.


All in all marriages are tricky and while life throws curveballs at you as a couple you should be able to overcome them , work things out and still get some heat in the bedroom.


Ladies, treat your guy every once in a while too. You can’t expect him to indulge you if you don’t even indulge in him. It’s a two way street. Treat each other well. Spend some time together. After the kids go to bed , sit down, pour a glass of what your choice is. Turn the romance on and enjoy each other. 


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