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Birthday Sex

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It’s May, bitches! Spring is in full effect. Days are longer. Nights are shorter. The temperature is rising. Women are starting to shave frequently and showing off more beautiful skin. May is an important month for us as we celebrate Mother’s Day and it also happens to be my birthday month. At the beginning of the month followed by my husband’s at the end of  month. Birthdays aren’t just another day for us; we really want to celebrate each other in our birthday suits.


Nothing Like An After-Party For Two


After a hard day at work, we always order in on our birthdays. I typically ask for sushi; he asks for surf and turf and we celebrate the evening with family and friends. The after party is where we go off with a bang. We want it to feel explosive like fireworks. After a big meal and cake, we want to burn it off. Sex burns off lots of fat and calories. For this special occasion we go harder than Valentine’s Day as we take turns appreciating and taking our time. For my birthday, it’s the most sensual lovemaking. With warm body oils, gentle caressing and more affection. His birthday is a bit more of the dirty talk, spanking, hair pulling. Either way, fasten your seatbelts, charge your batteries and get to it.


With Covid-19 still keeping us in lockdown and your partner’s birthday fast approaching, you can still shop for gifts with lots of time to spare. If your partner had a wishlist, see if you can find that perfect gift, but it is the thought that counts. Make it a night for you both. Celebrate good times. 


Fun things to do Together for your afterparty of 2:


-Hot shower/bath together

-Music (Birthday Sex is a jam)

-Blindfold and kiss your partner, heightening their other senses anticipating your next kiss

-Dance in your living room



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Statistics for Stephanie Ferreira

Age : 30somethin’

Bust :36D

Hips :38


HEIGHT: 5’9″

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