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Lights, Camera, Action – An Interview With a Glamour Photographer

Whitewolf Studios

Once upon a time, I was a Booking Agent for a talent agency here in Toronto. We had elite models, models and actors on our roster. I was often asked about “Casting Couches” and frisky auditions. Being new to the game, I would look things up and be completely horrified. I was invited to many sets and often our talent asked me to accompany them; I always did. Some were given great detail and the models were often exposing arms, legs and feet.


Our elite models often wore two piece bikinis and heels. It was expected. Sometimes the end product looked two very different ways. Either the photographer captured a very uncomfortable and awkward model or a very confident and natural looking individual. I was always on the opposite side of the camera .Since joining MuscleSport MediaI noticed the many beautiful and strong men and women gracing the magazine. And then it hit me. What about those behind the camera capturing these beautiful individuals? So I reached out to one of my favourite photographers and picked his brain. Without further a do, this is my interview exclusive with the very talented John Russell, a glamour photographer, gentleman, husband, cannabis advocate and dear friend.


  MSM: What made you want to become a Glamour Photographer?


JR: I was very interested in photography from a young age, mostly nature and landscapes. I ended up putting it down for over a decade. Later in life, I was collecting vintage pin-up items, for example Bettie Page photographs. I was also a fan of a British men’s magazine called “FRONT.” It sparked something in me and I decided to get back into photography and turn the lens towards women.


MSM: How do you and the models become comfortable?


JR: I must give my wife Heather a good deal of credit with this one. I try to make sure she is at most of the photoshoots. She is a beautician and helps me out tremendously in many ways while I work. One of her talents is the gift of gab and she can make the girls feel right at home. I can sometimes get a little nervous before working with someone new, but it always fades once we get into the work.


MSM: Do you have rules set in place to protect yourself and the models?


JR: I have my own unspoken rules and I’m sure they are appreciated. I don’t touch the models unless necessary for the shot. In my personal life, I use profanity constantly. During a shoot, I refuse to use vulgar language. This can be a challenge when referring to parts of the female anatomy. I also allow the models to bring whatever or whoever they want to set so that they feel safe. I aim for everyone to have fun.


MSM: What are some of the scariest scenarios?


JR: For me or the model? I have encountered some aggravation, but have never felt unsafe. The models are another story. Every model has a horror story and most like to talk about them. It can be something as simple as an uneasy feeling to sexual abuse and rape. It’s my job to make sure I am never someone’s horror story and I go out of my way to make anyone I work with feel safe and comfortable.


MSM: What do you love about being a photographer?


JR: It’s a good outlet for my active and creative mind. I enjoy designing concepts and bringing them to life. I also like editing; it’s very peaceful for me. The naked women are a big bonus too.


MSM: Any advice for new photographers? New models?


JR: New models: You need to be safe. Get references and bring someone with you when you first shoot with a photographer. I’ll admit it, photographers hate that, myself included. We don’t like any more noise on set than we necessary, but the model’s safety comes first. New photographers: Network, collaborate and inspire, whether you are a man or woman new to photography. Don’t be a dick!


MSM: One More Question, If you can work with anyone, who would it be and why?


JR: Why Stephanie? Why? That’s such a hard question. If I could, I would work with every woman on earth. I love helping women feel beautiful and powerful. Every woman is truly deserving of those feelings. Because you insist, my answer is English glamour model Danielle Sharp. We have never crossed paths and maybe never will. I would love to collaborate with her. I’m a big fan; it’s as simple as that.


Special thanks to John Russell for taking the time to answer these questions. You can follow him on Twitter at @TrustTheGamble

And you can visit John and Heather at



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Photo: Whitewolf Studios (Instagram & website)


Statistics for Stephanie Ferreira

Age : 30somethin’

Bust :36D

Hips :38


HEIGHT: 5’9″

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