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Benefits of Anadrol (Adrol 50) You Can Buy Online

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In any situation, whether you are a beginner or a professional, if you need to make some progress with your fitness levels and see results on your physique, you need to do intense training at least once a day, and with it, the addition of a proper diet, and an additional supplement, may just get you your efforts worth.


Nothing is simple anymore, the market has been saturated with tons of varieties of different steroids and supplements, some of which have names you cannot even pronounce, but promise you the world. The best advice we can give if you are a newbie just starting the race of trying to become fit and gain some strength and muscle mass is for you is to do thorough research about what would help you achieve your goals, the second advice we can give you is to read this article that is filled with helpful information regarding on one of the most popular steroids on the market, that may just be what you are looking for.



Initially produced to help anaemic patients to increase their red blood cell count, this supplement is now being used amongst athletes and bodybuilders regularly for other reasons which we will get into below.


Oxymetholone is part of a group of anabolic steroids available in its generic form but also sometimes goes by the name ANADROL-50 or ADROL and in the gym, it is called an A-BOMB or A50, even though they are both in the same thing.


It is derived from the chemical known as dihydrotestosterone, related to methyl-dihydrotestosterone. Known to be stronger than these chemicals and three times higher than testosterone, Anadrol is taken orally and


Why Bodybuilders Use Anadrol 50

There are a few good reasons why this product is being used by sportspeople and fitness fanatics, some have been highlighted below some of which come from people who have been using it for a minimum of 4-6 weeks coupled with their strict training routines.


The first and obvious reason why it is a popular choice is that it helps in increasing huge muscle mass gain, and it does this faster than other supplements on the market. People that have used it have reported a gain of almost 30 pounds plus since they started using it, and this can happen in a matter of about 6 weeks and up if used constantly and you stay on it.


Along with this rapid muscle mass gain, users of Anadrol have also noticed they can lift heavier weights than before, and training for much longer periods as well. This shows that it has a positive effect on increasing both energy and strength during training sessions.  Those that have tried this out have concluded that they can lift to 40 pounds more in a minimum period of 30 days from when starting to use A50. However, it is good to note that once the user stops, so does the strength. So, it is beneficial to use this product before any competitive training.


Several supplements that you find on store shelves or online have many unfavourable side-effects and need to be kept away if you’re serious about your health. Some of them have a reverse effect on the body and weaken your testosterone instead of increasing it. A50 is different because it binds with SHBG (Sex hormone-binding globulin) suppressing it and maintaining levels of or increasing testosterone which helps build more muscle (and gives you a better libido too!)


Stacking is one of the ways that substances like these can be introduced to your daily routine. Stacking is a term used by bodybuilders and sportspeople when they group different supplements and take them regularly, instead of using just one type. Because some are good for strength and others are beneficial in muscle mass or fat-loss and lean muscle production, so when the right ones are mixed, they can benefit from a holistic perspective.


Besides, if the goal is to increase muscle mass, then stacking will help with pre and post workouts, where you can take two different ones for each on the same day. This online source has a few tips on how to go about doing this


Anadrol is also good to use during the ‘cutting’ phases of any exercise routine. It is the opposite of bulking up and is not such a popular phase during bodybuilding because it involves eating a strict diet, often with less food, so you can lose the fat and doing more high-intensity training exercises. Nevertheless, if it helps you get through the phase easier, along with the right workout it can be incorporated into your diet. The important point here is to make sure you drink plenty of liquids that will flush out the toxins in your body, as A50 has been known to cause water retention during this phase.


Alongside all of the above, last but not least it helps increase bone density by feeding your bones with added calcium.


How to Take It

When you are just starting the appropriate amount to take is less than or about 25mg per day, maximum for a few weeks (4 to 6 weeks is usually a good time frame). After the last week is over you can increase this intake to up to 50mg per day and not more, and again after another 4 weeks you can up it to about 100mgs, but not more than that, as more does not mean better results it will not affect you in any way or make you bigger if you take more, plus the side-effects will be more too, so try and avoid that. Dosage instructions can also be found online.


A final point to note is that when taking this, some people have reported feeling a lot hungrier while on the steroid, so if you do get groggy, do increase your protein intake.


You can buy it online however you will need a prescription for it because it is classified as a Class III controlled substance, especially if you are in the US. If you are unable to procure it anywhere else, one suggestion would be trying an online source to find a reliable supplier.

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