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Game Face Supplements – Nootropics – Work & Play Harder

Welcome to our newest sponsor GAME FACE SUPPLEMENTS, who are advertising on “Gregg Valentino Talkin’ Smack.” Not only for gamers, but also weekend warriors, serious athletes and bodybuilders. Focus better and feel great at the same time.


From their website: Everyone who wants to be a better version of themselves, you can either be all you can be or you cannot be your best version of you, it all starts in your brain, your mind!. What you think and what consumes your mind controls your life so get your mind right. Improve your thoughts, feed your brain and become your own life’s champion. ‘GAME FACE’ is a performance enhancer for the mind which controls everything you do. Essentially improve your mind, and you will improve your life. It’s a quality of life changer! It doesn’t matter if you are a pro athlete, a gamer looking to be better, a career oriented person who needs a boost to perform better at your job, or a student who needs to improve your academics, or maybe to just improve your social life and be a better version of you!



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