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Hot Firefighter Rachel Helms

Courtesy of rachel Helms

EDITOR’S NOTE: MuscleSport Media wants to acknowledge the lovely ladies who are either active or retired members of the military, police department,  fire department,  first responders, etc. worldwide with their own bio articles. If you want to be a part of the series or know someone who should be, please send an email to
From a young age, I have loved high-energy activities. My aunt introduced me to my first love – gymnastics – with a video of Nadia Comaneci. After watching it, I was hooked and looking for anything that gave me an adrenaline rush or that made me feel like I could fly.
Growing up, my days were filled with gymnastics, track, weightlifting, and a variety of active hobbies such as snow skiing, water skiing, and aerial arts.
After pursuing a B.S. in Exercise Science and a coaching career which led me to being a director of my own gymnastics program, I became interested in OCR racing and extreme endurance events. What followed was four years of traveling the nation doing not only Spartan races, but also endurance events such as the 002 Agoge in Vermont, the winter Gauntlet, and the unofficial World Championship HH12HR in Las Vegas. Suffice to say, I learned how to be comfortable with being uncomfortable.


Through those events, I found people who I respected and admired. Many were former or active military, but one in particular was a Hotshot Wildland firefighter in Arizona. While I couldn’t join the military to serve my country, he sparked an interest in me for firefighting. I was capitvated by the ‘battle stories’ and in awe of these people who either actively serve or had served the people of our nation. I wanted what they had and wanted to serve in a greater capacity than what I was doing at the time.
So, last year, I took the plunge and submitted an application and showed up for the CPAT, which is the national standardized physical abilities test every candidate must pass before even being considered for recruit training. I passed the second attempt and didn’t look back.
Recruit training was a long couple months but was an absolute blast. The weight training and endurance training we did every morning was my favorite part. I learned so much and once I was comfortable, excelled. I was placed on a brand new engine and am excited to continue to serve at a higher caliber.


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