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Bust Balls, Not A Hip

With this Covid 19 situation, I’ve had a lot of  down time to watch porn. Fuck it; I will be honest. I’ve been watching and downloading so much porn that my old laptop met its demise due to catching viruses. One thing I downloaded was the young 20-something with the older men porn. It was very different for me to watch. I’m used to threesome porn and MILFs, but rarely was my interest piqued by the older dudes. If you watched on IG with @musclesportmag back in February, Joe and I both lightly touched on the subject, but it was barely a stroke of it. I got my laptop, spoke to many people, downloaded porn, and even tried out one free sexting site before getting to work! Nearly two months and a new laptop later, here it fucking is:


Expectation versus Reality 


Some men simply get better with age like a fine fucking wine. From TV shows to porn to walking down the street, we sometimes see the young girls and the older guys. Usually the chick on his arm is in her 20-somethings, killer fucking body and an ass that would put you to sleep; you would call her Nyquil. The older gent is usually dressed sharp, with a nice fucking car, boat and smells like money. Then you wonder – what’s the fucking appeal?


Speaking as a young lass who married 14 years older than her, younger ladies add a lot of excitement. Our body parts are perkier. Defying gravity. Add an older man to the mix, there’s a lot of pros vs. cons. Dating or fucking and or marrying an older man has plenty of advantages. Older men often feel more comfortable. They say it like it is and know exactly what they want and for the kinky type, some may even be into adult breastfeeding. Older men usually want sex and great companionship. They want company. If they are serious, there’s more in him wanting to be serious and settle down. More often, there’s stability. He wants to please one. For the ladies, dating a younger man can be weird. When I was 20, my guy friends didn’t want to hear about marriage and kids and bills; they wanted to stick it wherever and call it a day. 


As much fun as it all fucking sounds, the expectations are often high, but when it comes to below the belt, many don’t fucking know about the low blows. All puns intended. The reality is fucking brutal. In porn, the older guy gets fluffed and fucks. He gets paid and it’s over in 12 minutes. I have to admit some of the older men in porn stars, I find myself cringing because the chick looks like she’s going to break his hip as she busts some moves. In porn, there is great pay. With covid and memberships, they are getting paid for days. There’s no strings attached. Wham bam thank you sir.


In reality, sex can be a little difficult. If men – in their 30s and up – are suffering from any stress or health issues, sex can take a bit of a hit. Ladies, this is not the time to make his life hard. You should only make his cock hard. If you find in the bedroom he is getting hard or lasting long, there’s some steps you can fucking take. One route is a cock ring. Once he is hard, make sure the ring is snug but not suffocating his erection. Cock rings help keep the erection longer and harder. If you are fluffing him and jerking and still no hardness, try a Flesh Light or pleasure sleeve. Tease him and work it. If nothing is working to get a stiff one, pretend your doctor is  a bartender and tell him you need a stiff one. Health professionals could advise what your best step is, whether it is a sex enhancer like that little blue pill known as Viagara or Cialis, but there could be an underlying health condition that is deflating the sex drive. For medicals, always speak to a health professional.


Some don’t care if they are doing it to pass time. Or if he wants to feel young again. As long as he busts a nut, not a hip. It can be emotional and physical. Sometimes even out right platonic. Family and friends may not like it, but if they aren’t involved, then the coupling can decide what they are going for. Whether he is going through a midlife crisis or just wanting some delicious arm candy.


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Statistics for Stephanie Ferreira

Age : 30somethin’

Bust :36D

Hips :38


HEIGHT: 5’9″

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