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5 Signs I Need To Stop Drinking

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Alcohol has broken up beautiful homes, destroyed promising careers, cut off great friendships, and even led to many untimely deaths. Perhaps you enjoy drinking a great deal but you are in denial about how your behavior impacts your loved ones.

Have you ever considered quitting drinking? If you haven’t then here are 5 signs showing you that you need to stop:

  1.   When You Begin To Experience Withdrawal Symptoms

If you happen to go for a day without drinking and you get negatively affected or depressed about it, that’s a sure sign that you need to seriously consider giving up on the bottle. Studies show that people who drink alcohol for extended periods of time experience withdrawal symptoms in the long run.

Withdrawal is not just vomiting, shaking, having seizures, or feeling dizzy, it’s also about having your moods negatively affected when you go for a day without drinking. If you don’t quit upon observing this sign, you’ll end up sinking deeper into the pit of alcoholism.

  1.   When You’ve Become Broke Because Of Drinking

Drinking is no cheap affair. It requires one to dig deep into their pockets to sustain this habit. Some people have drunk away their cars, homes, properties, and even savings. Some go even the extra mile of taking advance salary payments just so that they can have a drink by the end of the day.

If you’ve gotten to such a point of draining away all your finances and resources in alcoholism, you need to call yourself back to your senses and give up alcohol immediately.

  1.   When Everyone Is Complaining About Your Drinking

If you ever notice that everyone around you, from your spouse to your kids, your relatives, and even your workmates are all complaining about your drinking, that’s a red flag and sure sign that you need to call it quits on drinking.

There’s nothing as bad as destroying relationships and burning bridges. You need your family and your friends and everyone else that’s around you. When you start offending and pushing them away with your drinking, it’s only a matter of time before they give up on you and you’ll be all alone, miserable and broken.

  1.   You Drink A Whole Bottle Of Wine Alone

When you find yourself drinking an entire bottle of wine alone on a daily basis, you are swimming in dangerous waters. While some people may argue that it’s fun and cool to do so, the reality is that you are subjecting yourself to a serious health problem in the future.

Binge drinking will strain your body organs, deprive you of the opportunity to eat a healthy diet, and may even result in an untimely death.

  1.   You Solve Your Problems By Drinking

If you find yourself turning to alcohol as a solution to drain away all your problems, it’s high time that you keep away from the bottle. Alcohol never solves any problems and can often create more of them. It only suppresses your feelings for a little while and puts you in a state of denial. When you sober up, you find your problems staring you straight in the face. It’s best that you put away the bottle and deal with your problems head on. 


These 5 signs speak volumes and if you observe any or all of them in your life, it’s high time you quit drinking. But how do I quit drinking is the question you may be asking? Here’s a step by step guide to getting sober.

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