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Split the USA in Two

The country is at the boiling point and there is certainly a possibility of a race/civil war as we approach what is going to be a summer that may be the death knell of the United States of America as we know it. The divide is wide and far and is goes way beyond mere political sides of the aisle; race relations have become a powder keg and the police are right in the middle of this battle. It does not seem as if this is ever going to be rectified or even civilized, so an extremely ‘out-of-the-box’ idea may be the only way to quell the bloodshed and vile hatred that is the current climate.

Make the country two separate nations – The Republican States of America and The Democratic States of America.

Once we break it down, the idea may not sound as outlandish as it seems on its face. There has been political divide all throughout our country’s history, but it took a turn for the worse in the turbulent 1960s. But since 2008 when Barack Obama became president, political parties dug in and stood their ground, even to the detriment of the better good for the people. The Tea Party was formed to be an even more conservative wing of the Republican Party to battle the liberal policies being implemented by Obama and the situation went even further downhill in his second term.

Many say that without Obama, Donald Trump would never have run for president and that is a very interesting point; the turn to the left caused a non-politician to put his name in the hat and the real estate tycoon said the right things to build a rabid base that ultimately gave him the most unlikely of victories in 2016 over Hillary Clinton. Many Americans were ready for a new face after the Washington, DC political machine kept regurgitating one empty suit after another making false promises.

But that upset brought out the worst of the left and the country has become an ‘us-versus-them’ battlefield with each side becoming more frustrated with the other. Congress being won by the Democrats in the 2018 mid-term elections has basically put everything on hold, as each party basically refuses to work with the other.


So with the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown followed by the death of George Floyd while he was being arrested in Minnesota and the protests/riots that have been ongoing makes it appear that there is no end in sight. How in the world are we going to have a fair presidential election in November when we do not even know when it will be safe – for multiple reasons – to be out in public again?

If the country was divided into two sovereign nations, both the left and right would have their leaders and policies in place. And the states do not have to even border each other; take Alaska as an example of how a state can be a part of a country even though it is not part of the mainland and geographically part of another one (Canada).

Both would be one-party states and have a president, Congress and Senate to make the laws and keep it from being a monarchy run by one person. We would be allies and trade with one another and there would be no single border, per se, since the states would be spread throughout the current 50. There would have to be some partisan decisions to be worked out, such as the southern border wall, since the states would not all be in the same nation.

The number of states would not be equal, but the current ‘blue’ states do have a financial advantage of their ‘red’ counterparts. So even though the DSA would have less than the RSA, they would possess both New York and California and can admit Puerto Rico to add another state. The DSA can defund their police departments like many liberal pols are saying recently and can perform criminal justice reform any way they see fit. There would be exclusive courts all the way up to the Supreme Court.

There would be two capitals – the DSA can keep Washington, DC and the RSA would have to choose one. Trump would be appointed president of the latter and Joe Biden  – who locked up the Democrat nomination – would be his counterpart in the former. Elections would be the same as far as frequency and term limits go.

This way, gun control, immigration, universal healthcare, etc. can be implemented where the leaders and population of those states can get what they want and have it not effect those who disagree.

Here is what each new country would look like, using the political map from the 2016 Presidential Election:


1 – Alabama

2 – Alaska

3 – Arizona

4 – Arkansas

5 – Florida

6 – Georgia

7 – Idaho

8 – Indiana

9 – Iowa

10 – Kansas

11 – Kentucky

12 – Louisiana

13 – Michigan

14 – Mississippi

15 – Missouri

16 – Montana

17 – Nebraska

18 – North Carolina

19 – North Dakota

20 – Ohio

21- Oklahoma

22 – Pennsylvania

23- South Carolina

24 – South Dakota

25 – Tennessee

26 – Texas

27 – Utah

28 – West Virginia

29 – Wisconsin

30 – Wyoming


1 – California

2- Colorado

3 – Connecticut

4 – Delaware

5 – Hawaii

6 – Maine

7 – Maryland

8 – Massachussets

9 – Minnesota

10 – Nevada

11 – New Hampshire

12 – New Jersey

13 – New Mexico

14 – New York

15 – Oregon

16 – Rhode Island

17 – Vermont

18 – Virginia

19 – Washington

20 – *Puerto Rico


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