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Tips from a Singapore Chiropractor to Fix Your Back Pain

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Chiropractors do more than just cracking your back. This wrong notion of the chiropractor is held by a lot of people who probably have never been treated by one. To understand what a chiropractor does, one must first understand what a chiropractor’s goal is. Of course, you already know that a trip into the chiropractor clinic often means that you want to relieve a pain that has been bothering you. But, what is not mentioned enough are the things that the chiropractor does so that you remain pain-free until your next visit. These visits are more commonly called as adjustments which pertains to the way the chiropractor adjusts the arrangement of your spine.


So, how does a chiropractor ease our growing back pains? The answer is spinal manipulations. Singapore chiropractors have worked hard to master this craft. Sublaxation or misalignments of the spine can be adjusted to cause relief from pain. Although we are talking about back pain, these adjustments can actually cause relief in other parts of the body as well. You can relieve the pressures in your neck as well as your head with an adjustment session.


It is the intention of the chiropractor to not only make his or her patient feel better but to ensure that he or she stays that way. That is one of the reasons why adjustments are divided into multiple sessions. And in between these sessions, it is also up to the chiropractor to make sure that his or her patient does not succumb to the same pains that he or she is dealing with. To help with that, the chiropractor will give you a few pointers so as not to aggravate any back pains even when he or she is not around.


Singapore Chiropractor Says Stretching is Right for You


The battle against lower back pains starts from the moment you step out of bed. Studies show that people who stretch daily are less likely to suffer from back pains in the future. If you think you are the kind of person that often falls off from a routine, then chiropractors suggest that you do it as early as possible while you still do not have anything on your plate. And if you can, it would not hurt if you stretch before going to bed either, granted that you are doing it properly of course.


There are also some instructional tools that you can use where you can perform simple yet effective stretching while you are still in bed. Cutting out situps and uncrossing your legs can stretch out the ligaments and muscles that would otherwise cause you back problems if they are not loosened up. This way, you can begin the battle even before going out of bed. And with the comfort of these sheets in your favor, you should be able to find enough motivation to do so. Be careful however that sudden movements from a sleepy state can cause a sudden rush of blood in the brain which could in turn lead to other kinds of problems.


Exercise and stretching go hand in hand like bacon and eggs for breakfast. Any form of physical exercise means that the muscles in certain parts of the body will be exerting more effort than it is used to. Thus, without stretching, the shock could cause damage to the muscles. You should definitely stretch before physical exercise and although not as necessary you should do it right after as well. Stretching after exercise not only helps in boosting the gains that you acquire but it also protects you from muscle pains.


Singapore Chiropractor Advises Against Sit Ups


We all want rock hard abs that we can show off in the gym, the beach, and in some guys I know, the local food court. And it is true that strong abdominals do indeed help in reducing pains in the back. However, for individuals who already have back pain, to suddenly start doing sit-ups and crunches to improve your abs will not be doing your back anything good. In fact, it can make your back feel worse. However, that does not mean that you cannot perform any exercise to flatten your tummy bulge. Experts suggest doing less strenuous exercises for your abs that do not necessarily put your back in danger. You can instead use the plank pose or a push up pose if you are just starting out. Either forms will help you train your abs in a safe manner.


Another exercise that you can do to firm up your core is the side plank. You start by getting in the plank position. After which you should start rotating your body to the left. While doing this motion, balance the left arm that is outstretched. You can choose to either stack the right foot over the top of the left foot or you can place the right foot down if you cannot balance it well enough. Finally, lift your right arm as high up as possible. Hold this position for as long as possible. Then if you think you have reached your limit without overdoing it, you can change position.


Singapore Chiropractor Warnings About Smartphones


We are living in a generation spoiled by technology. And what I mean by this is we have become overly reliant on our phones. Smartphones are all well and good but if it starts causing problems like back pains, then it may be best to put the phone down every once in a while.


The problem with smartphones is not necessarily the phone itself, but how one uses it. The angle by which a person looks at the phone that he or she is holding is unnatural to the shape of the human body. Not, if you remain in this pose for extended periods during the day, then you could be placing your spine in jeopardy. Chiropractors suggest that you lay off your phone every once in a while. This is not always easy but there are other means of communication and entertainment.

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