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Arnold Statue Defaced By BLM

Bodybuilding has taken its first casualty in the riots that have been taking place around the globe since the death of George Floyd during a lawful arrest in Minnesota on May 25. A bronze statue of Arnold Schwarzenegger that stands outside the Columbus Convention Center was vandalized by Black Lives Matter, a group/movement that has been responsible for the majority of the violence and damage caused during the civil unrest.

Its hands painted red and on the ground in front and to the side of the statue the words, “Justice” and “BLM. Blood is on your hands” were spray painted.

The statue, which was erected in 2012 and originally stood outside the Veteran’s Memorial Auditorium in Ohio before that venue – which held the Arnold Classic since its inception in 1989 – was relocated to its current location when that building underwent renovations. It has been a fan favorite and countless photographs have been taken of it.

It is unclear why BLM chose to deface this monument but their message of complete anarchy and carnage – along with their white brethren ANTIFA – usually comes at the expense of anyone or anything in their sight, regardless if has any connection to their political causes.

This year’s Arnold Sports Festival was cancelled due to the Chinese Virus so there is plenty of time between now and the expected next one in March of 2021 to clean the paint off. But perhaps they should leave it there as a reminder of the savagery purported by certain folks.

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