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Sports Betting Industry Without Sports

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No one would ever have thought that there would be a world without sport. It is just not normal. But after Covid 19, we learn that normal isn’t normal anymore. Nothing is normal anymore. Sport is being cancelled, schools are cancelled, and even churches and public events. There is just nothing left than sitting in your home, under lockdown.

The result is that there isn’t a sport. With no sport, there isn’t any sports betting available. And, this is ruining the sports betting industry. Those that don’t worry about sports betting, don’t even think what the virus is doing to the industry. But, this is what is happening today in the sports betting world, if there isn’t any sport. If you placed bets online, you will realize that now there isn’t real money gambling online anymore. 

No more sport?

No sport. Not soccer, rugby, football, cricket, or other sport in the world? Everything cancelled? Who would have thought that the day will come that this is going to happen? 

Sport on weekends is a must. Watching the game on Saturday, going to the stadium and enjoying the game with friends and family. Betting on who is going to win. Nothing. Now, there is just nothing. No sport. The sporting channels are showing repeats, over and over again. For months. And, it doesn’t seem that it is going to end soon. When there isn’t any sport, the sports betting industry is standing still, without any bets been made and without getting any money. 

Covid 19 the reason for sport cancelling in 2020

Covid 19. The culprit to the sport being cancelled in 2020. Even the Olympic games are cancelled. One virus has shut down the whole sports industry, all over the world. No sport means no sports betting. No sports betting means loss of income, loss of salary and many industries going bankrupt.

It is going to be a long time before the sport will return to normal. When the club will play against the club. When a country will play against the country. When we can enjoy the world cup again. But, do you think about what it is doing to people that live for sports betting?

No sport means no sport betting

It just seems so unreal. That we need to say that nowhere in the world there is any sports betting going on. No one can bet for his or her favourite team. Because there is no sport anymore. The last sporting events were done end of February beginning of March 2020. And, we don’t know if we will be able to bet for our team during 2020.

Some people are making a career out of sports betting. Because sport will never be cancelled. This is part of our everyday lives. But things have changed, and these people are now without salaries, they can’t make any money with sports betting. They have lost this bet. No more real money gambling online, not for 2020. 

The total halt on sport means work loss, sport betting sites closing down

This is a complete and total halt on sports betting. Sport betting sites are closed. No betting can be done. There are betting businesses that need to close. No more money for paying salaries, for keeping the website going, even if there isn’t any sport. 

We might miss watching sport, and we might miss making a bet or two. However, one thing that we forget is the people that are making a living with sports betting. 

People that love betting on sport, now a total loss

Talking to people that have placed bets on sports events daily. They said that they are now at a total loss. Don’t know what to do during the day. They can’t research to see the statistics of which team might win the weekend. And, they don’t know what to do with their time. No more sport to watch. But according to, most of the major sports events are about to resume in fall of 2020.

This is hard on everyone. But, it is extremely hard on those that lived for watching and betting on the sport. They are losing money, the industry is losing a lot of money, and even the sports players of all the sport in the world are losing money. The whole sports industry is at a standstill. 

No more sport. We didn’t think that this will ever be possible. That there won’t be any sport done, throughout the world. But, because of one virus, it happened during 2020. Now, the sports betting industry is closed, and not sure how it will ever be open again. And, if it will open during 2020. Are we going to enjoy sport and place bets anytime soon, or are the wait still going to be long and painful? How long until we can bet with real money gambling online again. 

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