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Fuck the Cancel Culture

At some point and time, enough is enough. The political climate around the globe has become a powder keg and the left has taken it upon themselves to create lists of demands that if are not met, then the persons or companies are deemed to be racist – that magic word that most folks are scared shit of being labeled with. Anyone who is even a casual follower of MuscleSport, LLC knows that we do not subscribe to that theory and say what we feel and mean, even if it costs us fans and advertisers, for that matter; morals and integrity supersede a few dollars in our opinion.

So we were relieved to see that our friend P.J. Braun from Blackstone Labs (who happen to be an advertiser, as well) stuck to his guns with a recent Instagram post (below) and handled the backlash like a gentleman. But the main thing is that he did not bend nor waiver from his original point… and we stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Braun in this decision.

What has become known as the “Cancel Culture” is trying their best to attach negativity to Braun and his supplement company merely because he said, “If everyone would focus on being the best they could be, work hard, play by the rules… then you will see a real change. All this (the protests/riots following the death of George Floyd in police custody in Minnesota) has done is make things much worse for the middle class of America. I won’t back down! I’ll still stand for the national anthem, I’ll still keep loving everyone the same and I’ll still keep chasing the American Dream till the day I can’t chase it anymore.”

Bravo, PJ!


Let’s cut through the bullshit and state the obvious – this division is based on what color skin you have or what side of the political aisle you stand on. Blacks and their white liberal counterparts have taken offense to anyone who doesn’t side with Black Lives Matter (which is a modern day version of the Black Panther Party and Black Liberation Army, both infamous for executing law enforcement officers in the 1970s), publicly state support for them, denounce their ‘white privilege’ (some to the point where they were actually washing the feet of black people and being paraded around chained and corralled by slave-type wooden tethers) and in one case that occurred at the CHAZ/CHOP six-block section of Seattle taken over by BLM and their ANTIFA comrades, were told to pay black people $10 if they were serious about being on their side.

We wish we were being facetious; this tentless circus is factual, indeed.

Perusing the comments on Braun’s post solidifies that lineage theory; black account holders vilifying Braun for his honesty and stance:

*@bryant.mcghee – As expected another white man with privilege has 0 empathy for the struggles of black America.

*@iampower97 – Blackstone is going to crash and burn. You’re going to have to sell your Ferrari and trust shit will be different when you see a lot of people at expos 🤣🤣🤣

*dperki20 – How did I start following this page??

*wisdom_1000k – this is brining every ones true colors out I will never buy black stone labs again

*angelbabyviolet – Yoooooooo what the fuck bro. This country’s economy was and continues to be built with involuntary labor and on stolen land. Antifi [sic] is literally just the abbreviation of the words anti fascist, are you pro fascist? Educate yourself, stop spreading none sense and harmful nationalism

*@jhenb_ – You’ve been living in your privilege your entire life. You’ll never understand.

*@gabrielgotalife – Blackstone labs about to have a bankruptcy liquidation sale soon thanks for speaking up PJ 🙏🏼

*@rawkneecakes – yeah not a smart business move brother pj

* – Bye

*@b_isall_vaneed_2know – the American dream was built off the backs of black people your comfortable in your bubble of white privilege so of course you will stand for a flag because America doesnt owe you nothing but America owes us and you definitely dont love everyone the same black lives are worth more then your money

*@areumedits – Wow ur so white

*@allsportsallthetime21 – Never followed you.. Now blocking you.

*@smitho3189 – Dude wants to tide all his African American customers.

*@felton_extreme_fitness – You made a huge mistake posting what you posted!
*@itmiss_morgan – You’re anti-black and I hope Black ppl never give you another dime, view, click, etc.
*@meli_p67 – Time to unfollow and not buy any of your products, thanks for showing your true colors
*@ramlogitiscllc – This guy 😒 … I’ll never spend another dime
*@woodhouse_michael – nobody should support someone like him and buy his products…


One of Braun’s athletes – who was also one of his coaching clients and friends – left the company amicably because of this. IFBB pro Keone Pearson has been very successful in the classic physique division but had previously worked with both legendary bodybuilder Flex Wheeler and Braun and now is looking for a replacement.


With the Cancel Culture in full throttle versus Braun and BSL, it would be easy to stay on the sideline and say we have no horse in this race, but that’s not our style. Besides, we agree wholeheartedly with what Braun posted and have never been shy about that, either.


So Cancel Culture aside, we really do not give a shit if people “get offended” by our allegiance with Braun on this issue and decide to walk away from mSm; good fuckin’ riddance. Someone in every industry needs to have the balls to speak up and we’re delighted that Braun – who has a very far reach; a lot further than our own – has done so. So with nary a hesitation, we proclaim that WE STAND WITH PJ BRAUN!


This was the subject of the 6/15/20 broadcast of “Hot Stuff Nutritionals Presents MuscleSport Radio,” Mondays at 3PM on @musclesportmag Instagram Live. 

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