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Mutual Masturbation – A New Norm

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I have never struggled with writer’s block to an extent like this one. I felt the wrath of a cock block that served me several months while trying to inject some life into this subject. I was approached via DM by a user that asked “What are your thoughts on mutual masturbation?” To be honest with this anonymous user and all of you sexy readers, I hadn’t really put much thought into it. So naturally I did what any person who is curious would do… I Googled the subject matter. I was bombarded with some sexy gifs, photos and videos  that left me with a case of blue lips (equivalent of blue balls) and wanting more as curiosity started to rear it’s big and hard head. I slid into the DMs of this anonymous user to investigate further. I slowly slipped on some new sleuthing panites and got down to it.  


This is Anon User Story 


“I have a girlfriend in Japan. I met a very beautiful and smart woman and we both wanted a platonic relationship with one another. When she came around, we would cuddle and watch TV, movies and sometimes play video games. However, she’d come by and as warmer weather came around, less clothing was worn on both our ends. Winter came and I found more and more of a struggle cuddling with her as I grew hard each time I would cuddle up with her. In January, I broke up with my girlfriend in Japan as it was growing very difficult for  us to remain in touch as the time difference and other situations like COVID-19 started to become an all-too-uncomfortable conversation. I called this platonic friend in need of cuddles. We held each other until we were interrupted. That telltale of my hard cock almost tore through my pants. She got up and I told her that it had been awhile. I told her I didn’t feel comfortable touching intimately but her scent and body all made for a literal cocktail. My balls were sore and swollen. Part of me expected her to slap me, or flee in disgust. Instead she stripped down and invited me to do the same. She went to one end of my couch and I stripped and went to the head of my bed. She told me “I’m into mutual masturbation. We can enjoy the sight of getting off but we only touch ourselves.” It excited me. So we played and rubbed. I couldn’t last more than five minutes watching her rub her tits, play with her nipples, lick her fingers and massage her sweet looking clit.”


After reading this sexy description a few things went through my head. 1) Why wouldn’t you want to touch someone else? 2) If it’s someone you are attracted to, then why not give into their touch?


I brought this up during a live performance with Fit Chixxx Kim “Fit Ass” Haynes, Maiden of MuscleSport Mag, and she gave me great insight. “Sometimes it is sexy to have self control. To Watch them pleasure themselves as you explore yourself and completely let go.”  I sat on this idea for months. I spoke to friends and asked their take. I spoke to my spouse to get a feel for it more. Mutual masturbation gives us the advantage that we know our sweet spots. What drives you wild and what will make you drive it home. It isn’t so much as having to do the work yourself as many couples will do different things. Some may kiss, gently caress the face and other fun things.


All in all, there’re many personal reasons some choose mutual masturbation than completely giving in to full-on intimacy and intercourse. Some may choose to have outercourse, dry humping known as Frottage and sometimes it’s a great way to convey how you want to be touched; I will say don’t knock until you try it. Sometimes with intimacy, we become frustrated if we aren’t getting that right spot or that exact movement or placement. Why not present it? Make a show of it. Even if you bring in a sex toy or if you are going with fingers. Enjoy it.


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