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MLB Return Proposal Should Not Include 2021

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Our National Pastime is something that we have been taking for granted. Looking back at previous springs, there is a huge void not only in the sports world, but general society as a whole. Baseball has been part of the fabric of our country and even casual fans find themselves at the ballpark or in front of the television asking, “What’s the score?” But that has not been the case this season due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Spring Training games barely began before everything was shut down and players have had to rely on their own abilities to stay in game shape at home. But things are slowly getting better and booth the league and MLB Players Association have been extended into extra innings to hammer out a deal that will make both parties happy but also keep the basic concept intact, albeit with a much shorter schedule.

The latest proposal has an approximate three week Spring Training and a 70-game regular season campaign from July 19 to September 30. The players’ salaries would be prorated (approximately 37 percent from the usual 162-game schedule) and additional money for teams that qualify for the playoffs.

This is where it takes a wide turn and does so for not only 2020, but 2021, as well.

The postseason bracket will be expanded to 16 teams this year and next and that is not the only change that will be a minimum of two seasons; both the American and National Leagues will be using a designated hitter. This is something that the MLBPA has been lobbying for, but purists of the game have dreaded the day when the Junior Circuit’s rule finally ended the days of the pitcher taking his turn at bat and all of that NL strategy thrown out.

There was no logistical reason to include 2021 for either of the above and having to salvage what has already become a questionable campaign should not have effected what should be a full schedule next summer. As it is, the fans will either be missing or spread out at the stadium, so they’ll be even more betting involved using sources such as USB in order to have more of a connection, from afar or not.

Getting back to the action will be a boost for everyone involved after months off, especially for the fans who have had to get by with watching classic replays on the various sports cable networks. But it will be good once again to see games where the outcome isn’t already know and it is the¬†giving the info and previews that folks love to follow.

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