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This is not a cautionary tale nor a comedy; this is based on a true story. They say, “There’s a time and place for everything.” We’ve all had fun at the local drive-in movie. Experimented in the backseat of a car. Accidentally caused panic by beeping the horn with an ass cheek as we forgot how close we were to the steering wheel. A reader wrote in asking for me to share his story and what happens when things can change from “Oh, so good” to “Sex sent me to the ER.”


This is the story of Lockjaw.


My girlfriend and I met at a racetrack about an hour away from Toronto. I worked on the track teaching stunt driving. She enrolled and I got to teach her one-on-one. She was beautiful. Eye candy. Her body looked smooth. Curvy and fit. I asked her out and that was it. We  continued to train. She made her way out to me everyday.


When we started to date, we decided to start taking road trips. On a whim, we would pack our bags and drive five or six hours and visit small towns. Our road trips were phenomenal. Sightseeing. Taking photos. We spoke about dreams, what goals we wanted to achieve alone as individuals and as a couple. We spoke about spanking, kink and fantasy. I told her in explicit details about fantasy and she did the same thing. She looked me over and said “I can make your reality come true now.”


We were driving in early March this year and we were making our way towards a small town called Bobcaygeon – like The song. There weren’t any cars on the highway so she unzipped me and started to massage my cock as we drove. It was hard instantly. My pants were loose and she pulled me out. The speed limit  was 100 km per hour so I hit the speed and drove in the center of the highway. She sipped some warm tea and put her mouth around my cock and started to blow me. It felt so good. She massaged my balls as she took me in her mouth. She started at the tip and made her way down the shaft. I quickly put cruise on and played with her hair as she blew me. I kept one hand on the wheel as the other moved from her hair to her breast. I felt like I was on the brink. She would stop to drink more warm tea and go down on me again. Her tongue swirled around the tip. Then she would wrap her lips around me and move to the base of my shaft. I tried to keep my eyes on the road and suddenly I hit black ice. I swerved off the road and we ended up in a ditch. On the way to the ditch, she hit her head off the steering wheel. As she did, it made her clenched her jaw and bite down. It knocked her out.


I called 911 and emergency services made their way to us all in 30 minutes. When  they arrived, some looked on in horror, others in amusement; I was still in her mouth. Cum dribbled out of her mouth. I was dazed and in pain. I was bleeding. One firefighter echoed, “This is bringing an all new meaning to the jaws of life.” They got her to ease off my deflated, injured cock and she was still out. They transported us to hospital. She had a concussion  and a broken jaw; I had a beaten up penis… complete with bite marks.


My car was pulled with very little damage. She needed a few months to recover. My family doctor giggled when I went to see him to see the progress of my recovery. My girlfriend and I broke up a short time later, as we continually were teased for our stunt. If only you heard people when we told them how we got into the accident in the first place. Safe to say I won’t be having anymore fantasies turned into a reality in the car anymore. I never thought safe sex was also something we didn’t take into account. We just got so into it. I enjoyed her mouth so much.


I just want to say if someone is going to get a blowjob in the car, be safe and park it. 


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