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Since joining MuscleSport Mag, I have to admit one of my biggest pleasures are the very sexy women we are getting to see and appreciate. These ladies – known as the mSm Iron Maidens – are sexy, strong, intelligent and fit as fuck. Personally, I love all the ladies and there are some we would all get comfortable and just get to know. One of the sexy maidens that has definitely piqued this columnist’s interest is the very sexy, smart and fun Lady SJ. I asked her a few questions and she went into great detail fulfilling my needs and leaving me wanting more. I sent her a list of Q’s. 


MSMSF:”Here we go … so here’s a series of questions…


I always suggest a little intro… about you. Like I said, make it as provocative and real as you like.


  1. What drives you wild ?
  2. What is your biggest turn-on?
  3. Pet peeve?
  4. What do you love most ?
  5. Best workout? Your focus ?
  6. Biggest fantasy?
  7. Fetishes?
  8. Any disaster dates?
  9. Guilty pleasure?
  10. Lingerie – yay or nah ?


LSJ: “It was suggested to be provocative and real. I’m not even sure how to be provocative, but real is all you’re going to get with me. I’m pretty much of the mindset (that) I’m gonna do what I want; love me or hate me, I really don’t give a fuck! I have a tendency to be inappropriate and use the word ‘fuck’ too much. If I’m jiving with you, I don’t care if you’re a girl, a dude, married, single, confused… I’m going to come onto you. I don’t do well with personal boundaries.


And you can just fuckin’ deal with it.


A person who can take me on, flip me shit, keep up with my crass personality and not get offended… that get’s my attention and is actually a huge turn-on.


I can’t be anyone but me and pretending is too much work.


My biggest turn-on really depends on my mood. Sometimes it’s a nice dinner with lots of wine; sometimes it’s a good amateur porno. Choking. You kind of just have to feel it out.


Pet peeve: Liars. The first time you show me no follow through, I take notice. Second time, you are on my shit list and I will never take you seriously again. I always try my best to keep my word no matter what. I don’t say things just because they sound good at the time. If I say I’m going to be there, I will fucking be there. If I say I’ll throw a raging halloween party with you and carve 150 pumpkins, I’m going to fucking deliver.


What do I love most? That is a hard question. I’m a lover, not a hater. My husband and child would be on the top of that list. Animals. Cats, dogs, chickens, cows… I love them all. Food. I eat all day long. Always thinking about the next meal, and cheesecake and cinnamon rolls and macaroni and cheese.


I love thunderstorms, Christmas decorations and the smell of sweet pipe tobacco. I’m not just talking about, “Oh, I like that; that’s cool.” These are things I love, that I get giddy over; they bring me inner happiness.


My favorite workout is legs. I LOVE working legs. I’m pretty proud of my legs. The workout that makes me feel most accomplished? A good cardio circuit. I absolutely DESPISE cardio; it’s my nemesis. Just thinking about cardio makes me angry. So when I complete a death circuit and make a new PR time, I feel like a badass.


My most recent biggest fantasy was a highly specific threesome that my amazing husband let happen a few months ago. I had a certain person in mind, the opportunity presented itself, he went with it and it was amazing and perfect. As far as an ongoing unfulfilled fantasy, a girlfriend. Someone I can call up for a fuck or just to chill with. A girl who’s down for fun with just me or me and the hubs.


Turns out non-psychotic, reliable, trustworthy, easy going females are so far impossible to come by. Eighty-five percent of females annoy the ever living fuck out of me and the ones who don’t are totally not up for play time. So the search continues.


I’m not aware of any kinks or fetishes I have. At least nothing highly unusual or freaky. I guess it depends on which one of my personalities is out for fun. Anal, double or triple stuffed, choking and ropes or tape, exhibitionism.


I can’t say I ever really “dated.” Past relationships kind of just fell into place after hanging out or having a hookup. I never went out with someone I didn’t already know.


Disaster hook ups? Fuck.  Oh, dear; that’s another story. There were times I just needed to be railed. I didn’t want any emotions involved or potential relationships or bullshit and the guy wouldn’t even be able to get it up. Whiskey dick, or stage fright… it turned me off of younger inexperienced guys and set me onto way older, usually married guys. They were eager to please, in need of attention, knew how to fuck and definitely didn’t want a “relationship.”


I try not to feel guilt with any of my pleasures. Gotta treat yourself sometimes, right?


I use lingerie for photos and it can definitely be sexy and alluring. In real life, however, it just gets in the way. Why spend the money and dress up when you’re just going to take it right off to fuck? I’m not a panties to the side kind of girl; I like to be .nekkid.’ No restrictions, no hindrances, full range of motion.


I appreciate Lady SJ for taking the time to answer my questions. Want to see more Lady SJ ?


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