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What Are Workout Gummies and How Do They Work?

When you come across the word gummies, what comes to mind? Sweets or candies right? Of course! Gummies are these amazing gelatin-based sweets that are chewable and come in interesting colors and fun shapes. They are usually targeted at children but interestingly; workout gummies are now a thing. Curious? Keep reading.


Workouts, also considered as exercise routines, are bodily activities carried out for various reasons but majorly to maintain physical fitness as well as overall health and wellness. So, your end goal typically guides the processes you put in place like your exercise type and frequency, food intake, supplements, etc.


What Are Workout Gummies?


Workout gummies, like the other gummies available in the market, are as described above. They are high glycemic carbohydrates like white bread, rice, etc., which are known to get absorbed into the bloodstream fast and are considered a no-no in any diet. As you well know, carbohydrates generally are considered evil when it comes to healthy or fit lifestyles but shouldn’t be so as they are needed for balance. The best part of the gummies such Hilo workout gummies is that they have different flavors to choose so you have options whatever works on your taste buds.

How Do They Work?


You have now embarked on this workout journey and after an intense session, you have to replenish your body. So here’s a little back-story, when you workout, your body is sustained by glycogen (this is how glucose is stored), which gives the needed energy during these times. There are a lot of recommendations on what to take post-workout but one of the supposed deterrent to your fitness lifestyle is carbs. While this can hold water, its efficacy is determined by the time and kind of carb you choose to consume.


There are two types of carbs namely: low and high glycemic carbs. Low glycemic carbs are absorbed slowly, and high glycemic carbs are quickly absorbed into the bloodstream. Gummy bears fall into the high glycemic carbs category. This helps replenish the glycogen lost during the workout fast. The sugar rush spikes the insulin level creating an enabling environment for other nutrients to then get into the bloodstream. So, just pop in a handful and you’re good.

Benefits of Workout Gummies


Now that you already know that fast-absorbing carbohydrates such as workout gummies are good post-exercise, it would be good to get an in-depth understanding as to why. Some of the benefits are as stated below:


  • They contain gelatin or as some call them collagen protein, are easily absorbed by the body and are rich in amino acids glycine and proline. These help improve skin, bones, and even joints. They also have an inflammatory effect which promotes relief to the joints. You can read more about the benefits here.
  • They enhance faster recovery post-workout.
  • They restore lost glycogen lost during workouts.
  • They satisfy the sugar rush cravings.
  • They create something to look forward. You can use them as a form of reward so that you train hard to earn the reward.
  • They help reduce the cravings for sweets at other times of the day.
  • They help reduce the lethargic feeling post-workout.


Features of Workout Gummies

The right product should meet the following requirement:


  • Fat-free
  • No artificial colors
  • Made with real fruit juice
  • No artificial dyes used
  • 100% natural flavors
  • Gluten-free


How to Consume the Gummies


According to research by dieticians, doctors, and exercise professionals, it has been established that eating post-workout is very important, but how soon? Well, since you’re probably gunning for the high glycemic carbohydrate in the form of gummies, it should be taken within a specific time frame to make it effective. Typically, it should be consumed within the 45 minutes after as a later time defeats the goal of fast absorption and recovery. Consumption should also be around 20-40grams.

You can learn more in this article:


Final Thoughts


Workouts are good for the body but make sure it suits the body goal you’re trying to achieve. What you consume immediately after is very important so, take your high glycemic carb first, in this case, your gummies. This will feed and replenish your body a lot faster.

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