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The Benefits of Using Vintage Blast Pre-Workout

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When you’re a fitness enthusiast and you do everything right from eating the right foods and following the correct Keto diet, drinking all the right protein smoothies and need that extra kick just to make sure you’ve ticked all the boxes. The only thing remaining would be a bottle of the right supplements.

That’s why we’ve put together this brief article regarding one of the best dietary supplements on the market, that has been shown to not only replace lost vitamins and minerals in the body but also increase Testosterone levels naturally, which has so many benefits. It is one of the few clean formulas on the market, manufactured without using any illegal or hazardous introductions into the recipes that can cause unfavorable side-effects.

So, let’s dive in and get you fully informed.


What Is Vintage Blast?

In simple terms, this is an innovative dietary fiber supplement that multiple exercise buffs and athletes alike, can use to enhance their workouts and bodies both at the same time. Plus, it has no artificial additives or fillers and uses only natural ingredients that you can pronounce.

Here are some of them: Natural Flavors, Natural Pineapple Juice Powder, Stevia, Vegetable Juice (Color), DiCalcium Phosphate (from Vitamin B12), Natural Fruit and Calcium Silicate. Dietary fiber products are good for health in a holistic manner in any case as they can help with important things such as normalizing blood sugar levels, helps to keep a healthy weight as fiber supplements keep you filled up for longer. Check out this recommended site for more information.

It comes in a powder form and is simple to prepare pre-workout. All you need to do is mix half a scoop of the powder in about 16oz. water about 30 minutes before your work out, then increase to one scoop after a few weeks, the recommended is after 3 to 4 weeks.

It is important not to take this before you sleep or especially on days where you are not working out either. It will keep you up at night and it will be a waste to use it without doing any workout because it gets stored in your body and not used up in any way.

Although most of the powder is B vitamins and minerals, it is almost impossible to overdose with it and is not recommended in any case. Because these are first on the list to start depleting it is always advisable to keep yourself hydrated.

Breaking Down the Ingredients

The overall benefits are to provide an extra kick to your routines and increase testosterone levels in men the natural way, which as we know has many benefits such as a healthy heart and pumping blood to the system it helps to build muscle and strengthen your bones, improved mood, further information regarding this can be found online as well

In breaking down the ingredients present in this and seeing what benefits they have, we have chosen the five prominent ones, as listed below.

Caffeine. Let’s start with the obvious one that keep you going and awake. It is one of the most popular ingredients in most supplements nowadays because it is safe and can help keep you focused.

Beta-Alanine. Second, on the list is Beta-alanine. This is included in the list because it helps with symptoms of tiredness and fatigue, which in turn gives you a boost during your workout sessions, keeping you going for longer periods.

Citrulline Malate. Included in the supplement is 5 g p/serving of this muscle builders favorite. Which gives you some strength and endurance boost to be able to lift heavier weights during workouts.

L-Carnitine. One of the most common fats burning additions to supplement powders is this one and has been around for decades. It is made to funnel fatty acids into our cells and turn them into energy.

Arginine AKG. Possibly one of the most efficient forms of Arginine is the AKG. This is used for that extra introduction of nitric oxide to the body which also gives you a boost in strength, performance, and endurance while at the fitness center or gym.

DAA or D-Aspartic Acid. It is one of those ingredients that help boost testosterone levels. Plus, it promotes androgen production which allows for muscle development and better endurance. At the end of your work out the recovery times are also shortened.

Other additions such as Tyrosine are in the bottle and help with aspects such as stress and increased focus. NALT or N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine is highly efficient as it is an enhanced version of the ingredient and has a high bioavailability as well.

Even though the name says its ‘vintage’ the product is meant for people of all legal ages and sizes. It must be noted that if you do get the jitters when using caffeine, you should not take too much. Although the 250g of caffeine in the product is nothing to be worried about, it is the lowest dose of any products and will not make you feel weird.

When looking for some extra energy and a pick-me-up at the gym, this would be a good solution and a Vintage Blast pre workout review can be found online too, with all the information that you need to help you decide if it the right fit for your lifestyle or not. It is not packed with any artificial fillers or chemicals that are detrimental to your health, much like a lot of steroids on the market.

As with anything new, that you introduce into your body, you need to let it get used to the new substances. The recommendation here is to start with small doses and increase only after a couple of weeks to half a scoop more and then another few weeks later a full scoop and so on.

If any side effects are noticed one must stop immediately. Although this is very rare and the only thing that has been noticed is perhaps getting jitters because of the caffeine intake in the supplement. When used along with a good diet and exercise routine, one can achieve good results both in body and mind.

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