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A Tale of Two Leagues


Perhaps Gary Bettman saw our video after all. The National Hockey League is back on the ice after the long delay due to the COVID-19 virus and at each of the exhibition games in their two-location ‘bubble’ (Toronto and Edmonton), each and every player on all teams stood for the playing of the United States’ National Anthem. That was in stark contrast to the National Basketball Association, which opened up again in Orlando with an utter disgraceful embarrassing display of every player and the referees all taking a knee.


The NHL players showed solidarity with class, with players from the opposing teams mixing in with each other shoulder-to-shoulder on the blue lines. No signage nor jersey patches promoting Black Lives Matter, no Black Panther/Black Power fists held high… nothing of the kind. Quite the different story at the NBA bubble, with every player wearing a BLM warm-up shirt, coaches wearing patches, a large ‘Black Lives Matter’ mural across the entire length of the court and a few of the players doubling down with the fist pose.



NBA commissioner Adam Silver even came out and said that the league would not enforce its rule that every player must stand during the playing of The Star Spangled Banner, giving in to the pandering that has taken on a life of its own globe-wide. The NHL does not have any such rule in place, yet the players took it upon themselves to not stain themselves, team and league by politicizing our country’s National Anthem.




Perusing the different social media platforms, many more fans have become more vocal with their displeasure of the kneeling protest, which began back in 2016 in the NFL with Colin Kaepernick. Major League Baseball even caved in and sold out when they kicked off their delayed and shortened regular season this week; the NHL was a patriotic sports fan’s last hope and thankfully passed the litmus test with flying colors.



The pushback against these athletes and leagues has to come in the form of television ratings and apparel purchases since the pandemic has kept the fans out of the stadiums and arenas. Sports have always been a great outlet for people to enjoy and get away from the ‘real world’ for a short period of time. But these leagues have embraced the opportunity to appear ‘woke’ and give in to an organization whose co-founders are admitted “trained Marxists” and has been anti-police, anti-authority and the cause of so much of the civil unrest taking place throughout not only in this country, but much of the world, as well.


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