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NHL Joins BLM Charade


That didn’t take long. Only two days after the National Hockey League was praised by fans who are sick and tired of professional team sports becoming soap boxes for political purposes, more specifically, Black Lives Matter, they bowed down and pandered just like their brethren. After two exhibition games and the two earlier Stanley Cup Qualifier matches (Eastern Conference at Toronto) where there was no mention of BLM nor players kneeling for the American National Anthem, the NHL went totally off – or on, depending on your opinion – script prior to the Western Conference opener in Edmonton.


As the members of the Edmonton Oilers and Chicago Blackhawks formed a circle at center ice, Matt Dumba of the Minnesota Wild (who did not qualify for the postseason tournament following the COVID pause in March), appeared holding a microphone and wearing a Hockey Diversity Alliance sweatshirt. He then proceeded to follow suit with the NFL, NBA and MLB have done before him and throw the NHL under the same bus, one that has caused fans to stop watching the games.



“Black Lives Matter,” he said. “Breonna Taylor’s life mattered. Hockey is a great game , but it can be a whole lot greater… and it starts with us.”


Dumba – who is a Fillipino-Canadian – then took a knee during the playing of the United States’ National Anthem, with Malcolm Subban (Blackhawks) and Darnell Nurse (Oilers) stood to each side with a hand on Dumba’s shoulders.



However, no one took a knee nor put out a supporting hand for the Canadian National Anthem.


As we had reported this past week, the NHL had a golden opportunity to pull in sports fans who have tuned out of the other three major team sports because they have taken sides with BLM over authority worldwide, if you will. The Marxist organization wants to end ‘The American Dream’ (nuclear family), defund and/or abolish the police, end cash bail and abolish prisons. They  – along with ANTIFA – have caused civil unrest across the globe for over two months and counting.



People have had enough and you can feel the pushback starting. Sports is just one example of how folks with morals and integrity will not out up with this nonsense… especially mSm.








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