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Summer Heat and Sexy Pool Boys – Confessions of a Sexy Pool Boy (Part 1)

Courtesy of Stephanie Ferreira

As told to Stephanie Ferreira: “When I turned 25, I started working for a professional cleaning company that specialized in pools. Many customers wanted their pool vacuumed to remove any leaves that landed in their pool and sunk to the bottom. At first I saw how much our company charged and how much my pay would be. I wasn’t disappointed. One of my colleagues and long time friends pulled me aside and said  ‘Make sure you do whatever the owner of the house asks for, and do a great job cleaning. These customers we make happy pay for our pretty salaries so don’t fuck it up.’ I didn’t think anything of it. How hard could it be?



“I had my first job to do. It was in Toronto, Ontario, not too far of a drive for me. I rang the doorbell and a man answered. ‘Yes?’ he asked. 



“Hi, My name is Frank and I’m here to clean the pool.” When I was mid-sentence, he was already calling me in, almost like Bruce Lee as he was calling his opponent. He led me to a huge ass backyard with plenty of trees to give me work for about two hours. As I let a load off, I was surprised by a tap on the shoulder when a sexy woman was standing there.



“She was catching some sun rays topless and her bottoms were a very small thong bottom. ‘Hi, I’m Mrs Dias. I ask that you please not stand in the sun as I try to tan,’ she said. 



“I dropped my bag and said politely, ‘I’ll be mindful of where I stand and try not to get in the way.’ She nodded and laid down on a bed not two feet away from me. As I was cleaning, I couldn’t help but look in her direction. Part of it, I wanted to respect her wishes. The other, as an older woman she was nice to look at. She had shades on and I couldn’t tell if she was looking back at me but she rested her head on her fist. I started to sweat and suddenly she got up and stretched. She arched her back and had pushed her fabulous golden breasts out. I was sweating, not from the heat but from how hot she was making me. She grabbed a water bottle and drank from it. I watched some water not make it in her mouth but fall down her chest. I was thirsty, hot and bothered. 



“She grabbed and handed me a bottle. ‘Here, you look like you need a drink.’ I gladly took it and said ‘Thank you.’ She went back to her bed. She went on her knees, started the downward dog and her ass looked incredible as she got comfortable. I realized how hard I was. I quickly turned away as I had to get the job done. I continued to work and finally I was done. I gathered my things when I noticed a black bottom near my bag. It wasn’t there before. When I looked in her direction, she was naked… from top to bottom. 



“She asked ‘Can you please put some oil on my back?’ My heart jumped and I was rock hard. She looked at me and said, ‘You wouldn’t want me to burn, would you?’ I shook my head in a fast movement.



“I suddenly started to stutter. Her skin was on fire. My hands rubbed the oil from her shoulders down her back. I got to the small of her back and she looked at me over her shoulder. ‘Don’t forget my glutes.’ As she said this, she stuck her ass out more and did a little jiggle. Her ass was smooth and good enough to take a bite out of. I stood up after a heartbeat, she reached for my shorts and unzipped me. In the summer I go commando and thought it would be one way to keep me cooler. My one-eyed monster was out and she put her mouth on my tip. She told me, ‘You are sexy.’ She put me in all the way then backed out. ‘You taste good. I want you here every week. She slipped a crisp $100 Canadian bill in my pocket. ‘Maybe there will be more where that came from. I love to indulge in all things yummy and delicious. I want you to go straight to my hips.’



“I couldn’t hold back. She felt my body shake and her mouth was on me again. She swallowed me and smiled ‘Got to have my protein.’ I couldn’t believe I didn’t hold it in. Couldn’t. She cleaned the corners of her lips and licked them. ‘See you next week.’ I adjusted my shorts. My legs were jelly and I felt drunk, dazed but good. I picked up my stuff and suddenly SLAP! She spanked my ass and hard. 



“I got in the work truck and later met up with my friend for a few beers. I couldn’t stop thinking about her. He noticed and had a stupid fucking grin. ‘You okay?’



‘MMhmm Yup I’m good, good.’ I tried to shoulder off his question.



‘You Sure?” He edged me on. ‘What happened?’






“I couldn’t tell him; didn’t want to tell him. She was so good, I wanted another blow job from her. I wanted to rub the oil on her incredible fucking huge saucer of nipples and massage them. 



“A week later we were assigned new locations. None of them in that time were close to what I had done to me. Nor was the view any good. I never knew what my friend meant but I’m pretty sure I probably pissed her off as I didn’t return. Who knows? Maybe I’ll get to touch her more one day.”




To be continued…



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Photo: Whitewolf Studios (Instagram & website)


Statistics for Stephanie Ferreira

Age : 30somethin’

Bust :36D

Hips :38



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