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Summer Heat and Sexy Pool Boys – Confessions of a Sexy Pool Boy (Part 2)

Courtesy of Stephanie Ferreira

As told to Stephanie Ferreira: “I couldn’t believe it. I was back at the pool. The sexy homeowner was nowhere to be found. I couldn’t believe my luck. It was like I was shit out of luck. Her butler greeted me with his legendary fist of fury motion and I got to work. The pool was dirtier; so many twigs and leaves were stuck to the bottom and I found with difficulty I couldn’t get to them. At one point, I noticed something sparkle at the bottom of the pool. We often got requests to check the drain trap for missing jewelry but after looking at my notes from headquarters, there wasn’t anything noted. It was a big shine.


I looked around and realized I was alone. I also was sweating and wanted to go in quickly. I shed off my shoes, socks, shirt and shorts and went in through the stairs. I thought I shouldn’t make noise to attract attention. I dipped and went in. The water felt cool and there was a small diamond ring stuck. I got it out. I went back up for air, tried to wipe the water from my face. When I opened my eyes, she was standing there – NAKED except for a pair of black heels. She put her hands on her hips and looked down at me. I felt nervous. I thought, ‘Shit; I’m gonna lose my fucking job.”




“’What’d you got there?” she quizzed. 


“I had it squeezed between my thumb and finger. “It’s a ring. I was stuck in the drain.’ I extended my arm so she could take it. She took off her heels, walked away, and then turned.



“I watched her, fascinated by her skin. The way her ass jiggled. I wanted my hands on her. Her breasts were perfect. Nipples hard and pink. They matched her lips. She came running at full speed and she cannonballed in. She came up for air and was against me with her body. ‘Hmm, I lost this a short time after you were here. Those other pool boys left debris and other shit I requested not to have them back. Thankfully they sent you again. You see you just got here and you found it so quickly. How can I ever say thank you?’ She put her hand on her chest and I found myself licking my lips.


“’Oh…uh… no need to thank me. Just doing my job.’


“She moved closer, put a hand on each side of me and pressed  her gorgeous tits against my chest. ‘I really want to thank you for working so hard. You always please me with your work and I just want to show you how much I appreciate it all. That. You. Do.’ She announced every last word, spelling it out for me – loud and clear.


‘”Oh, I just do what I need to.’



“She looked me dead in the eyes and put her hands at the back of my neck. She rested her chest against mine then whispered, ‘I have you right where I want.’ We both looked down. The water was clear and she could see my hardness. I have to admit, it looked thicker and larger. She grabbed me and wrapped her legs around me. She felt light. She kissed me hard. Slipped her tongue in my mouth. I touched every part of her skin. She guided me into her. We fucked in the pool. Splashed water everywhere. She started to orgasm in the pool. I wasn’t done but neither was she. She wanted more.


“She told me to follow her out of the pool and we headed to the outdoor bed where I had first rubbed oil on her body. She reached for the bottle of oil and I got to work on applying it. I worked fast. She then returned the favor. She massaged my back, shoulders, ass, legs and then put her mouth on my cock. She fluffed me as I was on my back and before I knew it, she sat on me. Both legs on the outside of my thighs and she rode me like a cowgirl. Her tits glistened and bounced. I rubbed them. Massaged them. Got to suck on her nipples. She moaned and shook. She would kiss me then sit straight up. She would girate her hips and massage my balls as she did. My eyes rolled back words. Then I felt her warm cum slide down my cock. I was in heaven. Her pussy contracted and she gave me a great ‘Ohhh.’



“I told her, ‘Don’t hold it in. Gush for me.’ Before I knew it, I started to cum and orgasm. She stuck her nails down my back and I just held her. We were both heavy breathing. She climbed off of me and her whole body shook. She was squirting. The bed had more water than the pool. I cleaned myself off with my work towel I bring when I get dirty. She cleaned herself off with her towel. We were both trying to regain some strength. I got dressed and cleaned the rest of the pool. She put on a pink bikini and brought me a bottle of water. I thanked her and packed my stuff up.


“‘All Done?” she questioned.


“‘Yes Ma’am,’ I replied.


“‘Well, have a good one.’ She hugged me and touched my pocket. ‘That’s just a little something.’ I thanked her again and made my way to the truck. I fastened my seatbelt and looked at the incredible house. Was she married? Single? What was her name ? Shit, I didn’t have an answer to this at all. I reached into my pocket to see what she slipped. Was it a number? Her name on the napkin? I pulled out what she put in and I stared at it – shocked. In my hand were five crisp one hundred bills. Did this sexy pool homeowner pay me for sex? I couldn’t believe my eyes.


“The boys and I met for a few Buds and we were chatting at work. One guy bitched that he got the ugly ones that couldn’t get him hard. One said he had prudes as clients who never looked up from their romance novels. I still didn’t want to share any details of this one particular homeowner. ‘I have the family woman who always has her kids around and the husband is always two feet away from her.’


“I was holding my breath when they all started to laugh. ‘Shit, that’s the fucking worst.’ They threw their heads back, clutching their stomachs. The waitress came around asking ‘You guys good?’


“’Yeah” One nodded. The other motioned for the bill and she whipped out the bill.


“’Man, I’m short, ‘ One started.


“’My wife will kill me knowing I bought three beers.’


I smiled big. ‘Guys, don’t worry; I got this.’ I looked at the bill – $140. I whipped out the cash and took out two one hundred bills. I gave it to the waitress and told her ‘Keep the change.’


“The waitress looked stunned. The guys looked at me and blinked. I shrugged ‘What? You guys always told me to do whatever the homeowner wanted me to.’ They stared. I smiled.”


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Age : 30somethin’

Bust :36D

Hips :38



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