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Another Dud For The Rock With XFL Purchase?

Brian Landis

Haven’t we heard this story before? Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson gets involved in something, talks it up really big, gets everyone pumped up and then it fizzles. At the 2016 Olympia, the WWE legend took to the stage and told a raucous crowd that bodybuilding’s Super Bowl would not only be televised the following year, but on network TV. We remind you of the outcome in this video. Then he threw his hat into the promoting ring and announced a new contest that was going to be seen bigger than the Olympia. What was eventually named Athleticon was postponed until 2021 due to the corona virus, but there were so many question marks surrounding it moths before that and we had predicted this show would never take place.



Now Johnson and his ex-wife and current business partner Dany Garcia have purchased the XFL through a bankruptcy auction. We sincerely hope that they are able to revive it and put a great product on the field for sports fans to enjoy. But we have our reservations.



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